What can you expect from Deskflix: Identity and Access Management?

I am pleased to announce the agenda Deskflix Season 5: Identity and Access ManagementThis exclusive digital event takes place on Tuesday 29thth Broadcast live from studios in Covent Garden in November.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one of the key components of modern business, especially in the hybrid era. While employees require remote access to critical systems, businesses are under regulatory pressure to secure and secure their networks. IAM serves both requests.

IAM’s ever-growing list of capabilities includes biometrics, behavioral analytics, and AI, but this rapidly evolving field requires more than strong technical knowledge. IT leaders also need the skills to work collaboratively with the business. Additionally, IAM is responsible for managing both digital identities and system access, making it a high-value target for attackers. Monitoring and oversight are key to maintaining control.

Agenda highlights include:

  • Keynote: Operating in an Integrated Vendor Market
  • Panel Discussion: Optimizing the Remote Work Experience Without Compromising Security
  • Fireside Chat: Validating Your Authority – Adopting a Zero Trust Approach to IAM
  • Panel Discussion: Analyzing the Impact of Robotic Process Automation on IAM
  • Fireside Chat: What Switching from CapEx to OpEx Means for Both Vendors and End Users

deskflix is computing‘s bespoke virtual event platform allows you to connect with hundreds of UK IT leaders across the country for free. Deskflix gives you the opportunity to ask questions of industry experts and network with industry peers and key vendors. You can also obtain certification through CPD.

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