What are the BBA eligibility criteria? [Bachelor of Business Administration]

What are the BBA eligibility criteria?

Despite the world’s suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in hiring BBA graduates remains stable. Skilled managers and business managers have the potential to influence the global economy with strategies, ideas and opinions. Therefore, the need for BBA graduates has always been a priority in a wide range of industries including finance, accounting, HR, sales and marketing, banking and investment, healthcare and technology.

A BBA degree lays a strong foundation in business administration and helps students gain first-hand experience. This also means that we can develop reliable networks and stand out in today’s highly competitive markets.

Some students choose to attract attention in the private or government sector after earning a BBA, while many others choose the Advanced Studies (MBA). In fact, as the world moves to a pre-pandemic normal state, there is growing interest in hiring MBA graduates among banks and tech companies.Reportedly almost 86% Many companies believe that business school graduates are in a good position to succeed on their own.

Therefore, if you are looking for a career in business administration, a BBA degree will be a good start to turning your career towards success. In addition, upGrad’s online learning platform is ideal for career goals.

upGrad offers students the opportunity to earn a BBA degree from a prestigious university in India. One of them is Jain Online, which is the No. 1 private university in India recognized by the World University Rankings 2020 Times Higher Education.

Bachelor of Business Administration – Jain Online

Jain Online’s Bachelor of Business Administration program is designed to help business and business aspirants acquire the skills they need early in their careers. These skills are transferable and can be applied to any field thereafter. This is why upGrad’s BBA learning format is curated with careful consideration of post-program opportunities.

It provides students with a sound academic foundation in management and business foundations. The syllabus is not limited to theoretical concepts, but also covers its practical applications through industry-related case studies and projects. Personality development skills are also important.

The three-year course consists of more than 3,200 hours of study time, during which students have uninterrupted access to the course’s faculty, mentors, instructors, and student support teams. There are more than 720 live sessions included in more than 40 courses spanning 6 semesters, during which students earn 126 transferable credits.

BBA Qualification Criteria: Who can apply for the course?

  • Applicants who complete 10 + 2 from an accredited board or council and score a total of at least 50% are eligible to enroll directly in the program.
  • Students who pass a score of less than 50% can also qualify for the BBA course from upGrad after a brief interview.

For students of all streams, including commerce, science and art.

BBA eligibility criteria depend on whether you have been educated by an Indian or foreign board of directors. If you have an education history in India, 10 + 2 completion is sufficient. Even students with a three-year diploma can apply.

However, students with a foreign degree must present an equivalent certificate from the Association of Indian Universities. See for more information.

Program period: 3 years

Program fee: £ 1,50,000

Students can choose to pay at their convenience by paying £ 25,000 per semester.

Batch start: September 1, 2021

BBA Admission Process: How to Apply?

Here are the steps you should follow to apply for a BBA course on Jain Online:

  • step 1: Go to Program of your choice with upGrad.
  • Step 2: You will be prompted to register or enter your login details.
  • Step 3: Fill out the application form and complete the payment process.

Make sure you are familiar with the BBA eligibility criteria. If you have any questions, please contact the upGrad admissions counselor.

Why do I need to apply for BBA at Jain University through upGrad?

Jain’s BBA program allows students to advance their careers and pursue education at their own pace without quitting their work or existing education efforts. It is taught by industry veterans, top instructors and teachers who belong to NGOs and government agencies and bring 10 years of experience to their individual learning paradigms. As a result, the BBA program opens up a world of opportunities for top companies, coveted government agencies, and renowned think tanks.

Among the many influential job opportunities that BBA undergraduates are eligible to pursue are financial managers, regional sales managers, business managers, business analysts, human resources managers, project managers, R & D managers and strategists. , Business consultants, market analysts and information system managers. , Business Idea Developer, Marketing Manager, and Entrepreneurship.

Students enrolling in upGrad’s BBA program on Jain Online have a unique opportunity to study abroad during or after the course. There are four ways to keep up with it:

Student exchange

Prior to the final semester, students can apply for a student exchange program to carry out their final year’s projects at any of the JainOnline partner universities. This is included in the program for free. The host universities are as follows.

  • University of New Mexico, USA
  • Institut Mines-Telecom – Business School, France
  • Technische Universität München, Germany
  • University of Groningen, Netherlands
  • University of Barcelona, ​​Spain

Overseas program

Two years after earning a BBA degree from Jain Online, you are eligible to apply for an overseas program. You can choose 1/3/3 or 1 year at your convenience. The partner universities are as follows.

  • University of California, Davis, USA
  • University of California, San Diego, USA
  • UC Dublin, the Netherlands

3 + 1 + x Integrated Master Program

One of the benefits of a bachelor’s degree program is that you are qualified to do more advanced research. If you have a Bachelor’s degree from Jain Online, you can choose MS or PhD at a discounted rate at the University of California, Riverside (UC Riverside). However, you must have completed one year at UCI.

Summer program

If you want to take a short-term course in the summer, you can transfer the credits to a partner university and take the desired course for 2 weeks to 2 months.

upGrad’s other coveted BBA course

Advanced certificate from BBA + upGrad for advertising and branding

UpGrad’s BBA for advertising and branding is provided by UGC Recognized Jain Online. This is a three-year program that offers over 350 hours of learning content and over 20 courses. The program includes master’s thesis / projects that help students gain hands-on experience. In addition to this, the lectures are managed by best-in-class faculty and industry giants.

upGrad also provides students with access to a base of over 40,000 learners and rich networking opportunities.

Program period: 3 years

Program fee: £ 2,40,000

Batch start: September 4, 2021

Bachelor of Business Administration from Jain Online

Students can choose a BBA degree from a WES accredited university through NAAC A + accreditation and upGrad.

This 36-month course is ideal for BBA applicants seeking employment, self-employment, or competitive research after the program ends. Students can choose one of these three personalized tracks, depending on their career goals. The 6-semester course consists of over 120 TA sessions, over 60 live sessions, over 30 case studies, and 30 projects for a comprehensive learning experience. Students will be exposed to many business domains during the course, including advertising and marketing, insurance and risk management, foreigner management, tourism and event management.

Program period: 36 months

Program fee: £ 1,56,000

Batch start: September 4, 2021

Advanced Certificate of Strategy and Leadership from BBA + upGrad

This BBA program by NAAC’A’Graded Jain Online is designed to give students strategic and leadership skills. This course covers subjects such as Business Management, Financial Management and Accounting, Quantitative Methods for Management, Operations Management, Strategic Management, Global Strategy, Information Systems for Business, Ethics and Values.

Program period: 3 years

Program fee: £ 2,40,000

Batch start: September 4, 2021

Discover the entrepreneurs inside you at BBA!

A BBA degree is the perfect path to higher education for aspiring entrepreneurs, as it blends theoretical concepts with practical challenges and projects. This helps shape the learner into a ready-to-use professional. In addition, given the creativity, innovative approaches, strong leadership skills, and execution strategies demanded by the field, companies looking to grow their business always need skilled business professionals. And BBA is what you need to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.

There is no better time to sign up for a BBA course. So get started with your BBA application right away!

Can students from the arts or science stream apply for BBA?

BBA applicants must mark at least 50% on any stream and complete 10 + 2 from the approved board. At some universities, less than 50% of students are admitted with counseling or a short interview.

Is it possible to do BBA without math?

There are many universities where students with no math background can apply for BBA from Jain Online.You can find out more about it at

What is the age limit for BBA?

The age limit for BBA is 17-25 years.

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Plan your managers now. What are the BBA eligibility criteria? [Bachelor of Business Administration]

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