What are FedEx photo ID rules for shipping packages?This is what we found

Your local FedEx may require a government-issued ID before shipping your package.

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In the heart of Silicon Valley, I saw a man shipping a naked tower computer at a local FedEx store in Sunnyvale, California. I didn’t have a box or a cable, but I didn’t get any eyebrows. The clerk asked for a photo ID before shipping the package in bulk. When the customer admits to him he didn’t have it Apple Card I did a job.

At that time, I noticed that there was a sign saying “Caution: Requirements for a new government-issued photo ID for shipping.” We delved into the rules because we were curious about why the US post office at the next shopping center didn’t require a photo ID.

If you have a wallet or purse with you, it’s easy to carry a photo ID.But now with mobile payments like Apple Pay And Google Pay are very common- Apple To tell 85% of US retailers Accept Mobile Payment Platform-You can easily leave your ID and other cards. This is what we have learned and what we can expect from having the ID handy when shipping the package.

Why do I need to show my ID for FedEx shipping even if I pay in cash?

Merchants who require a photo ID are common. This is not federal law, but it is a common practice related to fraud prevention. You may be asked whether you want to pay with a debit card or a credit card. This is the best way to ensure that you are the cardholder and reduce the risk of fraud.

Even if you’ve never been asked to enter your ID in the past, you may still notice signs detailing the rules at some stores (I don’t know why). I contacted FedEx for policy details, but did not receive a response. I will update it if there is a reply.

What counts as an acceptable ID?

FedEx requires a government-issued ID to mail your parcel. The format of the accepted ID is as follows:

  • Driver’s license
  • passport
  • U.S. Army ID
  • Permanent Resident Card

If you do not carry any of these, you may be able to present another form of ID, such as a social security card. Other forms of ID, such as work badges and bank cards, may not work. We recommend that you use one of the FedEx recommendations. If you have any questions, please call your local FedEx store before looking up an acceptable ID.

I also contacted FedEx to find out how to use my ID to ship packages on behalf of others. However, there is no answer yet.


The UPS also requires an ID to deliver the package, unless you have a prepared shipping label.

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Do UPS need a photo ID to ship?

Yes, UPS requires ID, that too. Also, the photo ID must match the sender, so there is no way for anyone to ship the package on your behalf. The only exception is if the package already has a shipping label created with your UPS account. You do not need to show your ID. A UPS representative told CNET that it was a long-standing policy.

“The ID requirement is to use the UPS retail shipping location to process the shipment and verify the identity of the occasional shipper presented to us,” said the person in charge.

NS The policy has come into effect Immediately after Luggage containing explosives is reportedly sent via UPS, I couldn’t find any dangerous goods.

Mostly UPS Approved ID Option You will need a government-issued photo ID with the same name and address as the shipping label. However, if the addresses do not match, you will need to provide proof of the updated address by mail or invoice.

How about the United States Postal Service?

The United States Postal Service requires an ID to send certified mail, Priority Mail Express, insured mail, and other packaged services.You may be asked for an ID based on List of services that need one..

Please note that not all USPS services accept all formats of IDs. The following is a short list of accepted ID types.

  • University ID
  • Company ID or employee ID
  • Driver’s license
  • ID card other than a driver’s license
  • US Citizenship Certificate or Permanent Resident Card
  • passport

What if I don’t have a photo ID or forget it at home?

Carrying a photo ID may seem like an old-fashioned habit, 1 in 10 citizens I don’t have a valid ID to vote. This is usually a government-issued photo ID. Atlantic findings also show that 9% of respondents do not have an ID. Fortunately, FedEx may accept other forms. Before you go, it’s a good idea to call your local FedEx store to see if your ID format is acceptable.

According to a long-standing survey, one in ten citizens lacks the necessary documents to vote. Opinion polls in the Atlantic Ocean suggest that gaps remain. Nine percent of respondents said they lacked government-issued IDs, but said they had a much lower share (2%). “I’m unaware that there’s the whole other side of the country facing this massive crisis,” says Kat Calvin, a nonprofit organization, because the overwhelming majority of Americans have IDs. , Helps to get the ID.

In the worst case, you have to go home to get it.One convenient way to keep it handy Save your ID on your phone.. However, keep in mind that this may not be acceptable in all cases, especially if the retailer needs to scan the back of the ID.

Also, if you do not have an acceptable photo ID, you may need to find another carrier that does not require proof to ship your shipment.

This is what you need to know USPS price increases and delays Before and how to ship a holiday gift Legally buy someone’s unbilled email.. What are FedEx photo ID rules for shipping packages?This is what we found

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