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Westcon Has a new distribution contract with 8×8 , Specialist in integrated cloud communications and contact center solutions. The partnership, which first came into force in the UK and Ireland this month, will allow 8×8 to expand its global footprint while giving Westcon partners best-in-class UCaaS and CCaaS public clouds through wholesale models. Provide a solution.

John Delogier, 8×8 Senior Vice President and Global Channel Chief, said: Partnering with major technology distributors is of great value as it is strategic for channel-first efforts in the UK and Europe. “

He goes on to say: “As organizations move to a model that can operate with decentralized employees from anywhere, there is an increasing need for an integrated cloud communications and contact center platform to enhance employee and customer engagement. Combining optimal 8×8 solutions with Westcon’s extensive services and experience in key markets, we offer compelling value propositions that drive growth across the region. “

8×8 integrated cloud contact centers, voice communications, team chat, and video conferencing products help organizations with distributed employees connect, collaborate, and engage with colleagues and customers from anywhere.

Microsoft is already Westcon’s existing partner, with 8×8 integrated enterprise-grade voice communications Direct routing And Contact center Solution Authenticated For Microsoft team It represents an additional incentive for both companies to enter into a sales agreement. Seamless integration with 8×8 teams gives partners and their clients flexibility in how they use their teams for voice calls and customer engagement, giving organizations and their employees, and contact centers. Allows agents to interact with colleagues and customers from any team endpoint.

Rene Klein, Senior Vice President of Westcon Europe, said: A good 8×8 product will undoubtedly have impressive results in the partner community. Combining our track record in collaboration and communications technology with the recent growth of cloud and managed service providers, we are in a unique position to support our 8×8 business goals. “

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