WeberConnect Smart Grill Hub

Experience has shown that it’s not always easy to grill your backyard barbecue favorites, such as burgers and steaks, to the perfect temperature, both inside and outside. Variables include the type of grill you are using (gas, charcoal), heat tweaks, and other factors.

If you burn meat, it’s wasted money. On the other hand, poor cooking can cause even more serious problems and can make someone sick.

The temperature probe has long been a way to grill without all the question marks, but you may not find it a bit smarter than other probes with features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. This is from a very famous brand. .. The question is whether this smart grill hub is worth the extra cost.

WeberConnect Smart Grill Hub

Weber Connect Smart Grill Hub (left) and optional Weber Connect storage and travel case (right)

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub was first introduced to the market in January 2020, so it’s not a brand new product. The hardware hasn’t changed in more than two years with the goal of turning the grill into a smarter one. And be your grill assistant. The highlights of the product are:

  • Consists of a smart grill hub, two temperature probes (for food and grill respectively), and a USB-A-Micro-USB charging cable
  • Remotely connect to the companion smartphone app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • The app provides flip and serve notifications, preparation countdowns, recipes, and step-by-step grilling instructions.
  • Alerts can be customized based on grill preferences (rare, medium well, etc.)
  • WeberConnect Smart Grill Hub Retail price less than $ 140 But sometimes it’s for sale
  • Add up to two food temperature probes, each for less than $ 18
  • Optional accessories include Storage & travel case When 6-piece mounting kitAbout $ 40 each

Add a little extra time for setup

Weber sent a grill hub and a travel case for review. Unpacking was an easy part, and you can see all of the following:

The hub isn’t that big and fits in about 4 inches x 3 inches. The two temperature probes are even smaller. The charging cable with Micro-USB connector seems to be a bit out of date.

From there, it’s time to download the WeberConnect app. So the setup process took a little longer than expected.

I could easily connect the hub to the app via Bluetooth, but when I tried to add Wi-Fi, the app couldn’t recognize the network. That’s why I think they always tell you to restart your phone after installing the app. That worked.

Everything was connected and everything went well, so I turned it off, charged the hub to 100%, and put it all in the travel case until the day after it was ready for testing.

The first test was a simple backyard classic, a hamburger. I prepared the food, started the grill and turned on the Weber hub. Then I opened the app and noticed that the software update was waiting and could take up to 25 minutes.

I decided to wait without being discouraged. The update took about 15 minutes. We are cooking now! However, the app has informed me that another software update is needed. Wait, what?

The screenshots below are displayed side by side, showing a series of software updates. I really don’t know why I couldn’t update to the latest version right away.

Some hungry people were waiting, so I gave up the first test and decided to bake the burger without the help of the hub. That second software update was completed when I wasn’t cooking, so I’m not sure if it took longer than before.

So I decided to try again a few days later. This time, make sure the software is still up to date.

A smarter grill?

Time to take two. The hub is charged, the app is open and connected, and the software works fine. I looked up some recipes, and there are quite a few to choose from. See examples of app options below.

One example of a recipe in the WeberConnect app

After choosing from one of the preset options, Top Sirloin, I followed the steps to prepare the app. Tap the top of the hub to turn it on (without the probe connected) and you’ll see the battery charge level.

Bake the grill to the recommended temperature based on the recipe you have selected. Then attach the probe to the hub. The blunt blue probe monitors the ambient temperature of the grill and connects to the grate with the included metal clip.

Insert a red probe with a sharp edge into the thickest part of the meat and follow the instructions in the app. Try to keep the actual hub away from the heat.

Yes, it took a few minutes to do everything, but the process after that was easy. The app notified me when it was time to turn the steak over and it was time to remove the steak. It was a fairly thin steak, so it didn’t take long.

I used a second thermometer and confirmed that the results were close enough. Stay tuned for updates as we test smart hubs with more complex recipes.

Verdict: Is this grill hub worth it?

Undoubtedly, spending $ 140 on a temperature probe that you can check in using your smartphone can be quite expensive. It also includes a lot of preparatory work to set up everything.

However, if you’re looking for a meat thermometer or any of the other smart features mentioned above, it’s a lot more affordable than spending hundreds of dollars or more on a real smart grill. It’s also a Weber product, but it works on almost any grill, regardless of who created it. That includes smokers.

The software was a bit buggy at first, but after the initial setup it was mostly fine. Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions for your hardware. Do not bring the hub too close to the heat. Avoid exposing the problem to an open flame. Also, do not put the problem in the dishwasher to clean it.

I know a lot of people who think they are masters of the grill and ridicule them by adding gadgets that interfere with their natural abilities. understand. However, this is recommended for novice grill owners and others who want a little more consistency in their results. I consider myself part of the latter category.

If you’re serious about spending more time using the grill as the temperature rises, WeberConnect Smart Grill Hub It may be for you.If you’re going to pay so much for the hub, you might too Add a case To protect your investment. As you can see, everything has that place. See the hub and other accessory links below.

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