We are pleased to announce that Digital Human as a Service (DHaaS) has become an acronym.

Science fiction movies offer the clear possibility that artificial intelligence will one day walk between us. How fast?No one can say, but it doesn’t stop many companies by trying to sell “digital humans” before the whole thing. Intelligence Things are understood.Oh, but what if you don’t want to buy Digital humans because it sounds awkward? Of course, borrow one! That’s why the unfortunate acronym Digital Human as a Service (DHaaS) is used.

Actual news here Japanese telecommunications giant KDDI has partnered with a company called Mawari (meaning along the “surroundings” line in Japanese) to create a virtual assistant that can be “viewed” from the window of a smartphone in augmented reality. bottom. Point your smartphone at the actual location and it will automatically pop up for directions and controls. (The video also shows walking directions and an indoor map, but these appear to be packaged together as part of the proof of concept.)

If you take a look at the video above this post, you’ll see that it’s not. that Much more advanced than, for example Pokemon GO.. But behind the scenes, partners combine KDDI’s 5G networks, Amazon’s low-latency AWS wavelength edge computing nodes, and Mawari’s proprietary codecs to run “digital humans” natively on mobile phones. Instead of doing it, it claims to be able to stream to mobile phones in real time. Tip.

Its “substantially low[s] According to the press release, the heavy processing requirements of real-time digital humans reduce costs, data size, battery consumption and improve scalability. (AR app Pokemon GO It tends to drain the battery, but graphics aren’t the only ones responsible. Some of them are running GPS, camera and cellular at the same time. )

Who will participate to actually put the experience designed for KDDI and Mawari’s “Digital Human” into the Metaverse and pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly for the “service” part of the acronym?It’s always a problem, but there’s no shortage of companies trying to devote themselves Lively Metaverse This day. And it would be much better if we could leverage existing buzzwords such as “5G,” “AI,” and “edge computing.”It takes a lot of work to make you look like you’re paying attention to the future, and I’m not sure if this is the moment someone is actually doing something about it. Raise a fetch..

Want more digital humans? We cover you: We are pleased to announce that Digital Human as a Service (DHaaS) has become an acronym.

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