“We are looking for a partner to build a good collaboration.”

David Weng, Sales Director, Tronco Electric Machinery Inc., The conversation with EFY details bringing automatic door systems and related accessories to the Indian market through strong partnerships and collaborations.

Q. How is your business trip?

Founded in 1994, TRONCO began manufacturing infrared sensors and access controls.

device. We have also expanded to automatic door systems and their peripherals. Today, our products include intelligent automatic door systems, DC brushless motors, electronic access control systems, wireless systems, and related accessories. We also manufacture and sell electric motors.

NS.. How do you define a product?

Tronco manufactures industrial products, electronic liquid level controllers, indicators, sensors, switches and smart doors. Our products are closely related to the construction industry, building intelligent automatic door systems. There is a set of sliding automatic systems, shutters and many other smart controls. We work with companies, builders, hospitals and utilities to improve engineering performance and quality. We provide compact products that are easy to install, have high performance, and are environmentally friendly.

Q. How about your experience in exports (other than Taiwan and mainland China), especially in India?

About 50% of the income comes from exports. Since 2009, we have exported to Europe, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and India. The overall experience is comfortable and enjoyable. We often work with international companies to exchange technology and experience with international manufacturers and absorb advanced technology and innovative ideas from around the world.

Q. What is the latest product (product or solution) that you are promoting to your Indian customers?

We continue to provide India with reliable quality and strong automatic door operators

performance. To make smart products, we need to be more automated. Our intelligent automated system is a perfect match for the Indian market.

Q. Are you looking for agents (distributors, channel partners, etc.) in India in addition to B2B customers?

Yes, we are looking for a partner to build a good collaboration with us. If you would like to become our agent, please contact us from the official website. We want our partners to have excellent communication skills as well as relevant experience. We would like you to share and discuss practical information.

In addition, our products have strong customization capabilities. This helps to provide the best solution for B2B customers. Here we focus on having the right partner to do business in India.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

We will continue to help our current partners in India build product value. Also, increase the number of partners to cooperate in India. We will continue to improve our professional skills and strive to provide excellent after-sales service. As an automatic door consultant, we aim to be your first choice.

https://www.electronicsb2b.com/invest/we-are-looking-for-partners-to-build-good-collaboration/ “We are looking for a partner to build a good collaboration.”

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