WAYLAND ADDITIVE will showcase CALIBUR 3 at FORMNEXT – Engineering Update

(16NS September, Huddersfield, UK) Wayland Additive announced at Formnext 2021 in Frankfurt, Germany, that it will be showcasing Calibur 3 with NeuBeam process, a unique and highly effective metal laminate molding (AM) system.NS November 2021.

next Launch of Calibur 3 Earlier this year, Formnext will be the first opportunity for a much wider audience to see Calibur3 in person and gain a deeper understanding of the benefits Calibur3 offers, especially how the NeuBeam Metal AM process facilitates this. ..

Many Wayland Additive teams will be available at Stand B139 in Hall 12, meet visitors, introduce Calibur 3 on the show floor, and discuss requirements for metal AM applications. Anyone planning a schedule before the event can use it to pre-book a meeting with Wayland executives. Meeting reservation form..

NeuBeam The process provides manufacturers with access to alternatives to genuine metal AM production. This is because NeuBeam offers all the benefits of Metal eBeam Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) technology while overcoming the annoyances that traditionally limited widespread adoption. At Formnext, Wayland focuses on three core principles of NeuBeam.


The most fundamental problem with electron beam (eBeam) AM technology has always been the unstable nature of the process, which Wayland has categorically solved. The Wayland team consists of decades of experience in eBeam research, development, and implementation in the semiconductor industry. This allowed us to completely address and resolve the billing issue that previously restricted the EBM process. neuTraized NeuBeam process.


Another important feature of NeuBeam is being hot. Department Process, not hot Powder bed A process like the traditional eBeam process. Therefore, Calibur3 can efficiently manufacture parts without residual stress because the high temperature is applied only to the parts, not the entire powder bed. This reduces free-flowing powder (without sintered cake) and stress-free parts after build. Energy consumption. This significantly reduces heat treatment and other post-treatment steps, resulting in significant process flexibility in terms of component shape and cost efficiency.


Workarounds for traditional eBeam processes have been developed by the AM industry, but they lead to downstream complexity such as time-consuming and costly component removal and post-processing. These compromises also significantly limit the materials that can be used with traditional eBeam AM. Neubeam is a material and has the potential to perform a much wider palette of metallic materials, including refractory metals.

The Wayland Additive team is excited to be able to demonstrate Calibur 3 directly on Formnext 2021. Hall 12, stand B139


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