Watch out for Mac apps that are fooled into paying for subscriptions

Although it does not occur often, malware and computer viruses can invade Apple devices. iPhone, iPad, or MacBook is not affected by cyber attacks..

With the increasing number of Windows computers and Android devices around the world, criminals are making more money by targeting malware. There are also strict transparency regulations that developers must comply with in order for their applications to appear on Apple’s App Store. When a malicious object pops up on your Apple device, it usually sounds an alarm.

If you have a Mac, read the latest malware that can be fooled into paying for unwanted subscriptions.

This is the inside story

The safest place to get macOS or iOS apps is Apple’s App Store. You reasonably expect Apple to scrutinize all of the available applications without malicious code.

This should usually happen because the developer needs permission from Apple before the final app is available. Some apps bypass checking and balancing by breaking into the device through the beta testing platform, but serial fraud hunter Kosta Eleftheriou has detected a new set of malicious applications.

so A series of tweetsEleftheriou details the Mac app Metronome tempo keeper Unless the user agrees to pay the access fee, it is almost impossible for the user to exit. When you install and open the app, Exit the metronome Options are not available.

However, the screen will display a $ 9.99 / month “Limited Offer” pop-up that cannot be removed. Basically, the app holds the screen and device hostage until you pay the monthly subscription fee.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing doing it. The same company responsible for My Metronome has another app. Music Paradise Player.. Not surprisingly, it has the same hostage take pop-up.

What you can do about it

The Verge I looked at Music Paradise, another developer connected to LLC, Groove Vibes’ app store library. Of all the apps available, publications have found more to disable the end button.

In addition to My Metronome TempoKeeper and Music Paradise Player, other suspicious apps are:

  • FX Toolbox
  • All to MP3 converter
  • Audio editor

For apps that don’t disable the exit button, closing pop-ups can be very difficult.Some apps hide text incredibly well, while others X It’s so small that it’s easy to miss it.

The first step is to avoid the apps mentioned in this article. Then keep reporting on your app for misleading content, malicious subscription tactics, or potentially malicious content. Unfortunately, this can only be done after downloading the app on your Apple device.[問題の報告]The button is located relatively below the app page in the store, below the app’s general information.

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