Watch Apple’s iPhone 13 event here at 1PMET

Apple iPhone13 event It’s finally here. You can watch it in various ways, such as after a big show. The company’s “California Streaming” presentation can be viewed at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time below or on the company’s YouTube. channel.. Also available from Apple Website Or the Apple TV app on supported devices.And don’t forget to check Engadget’s YouTube channel After the event. There is a live summary of the announcement and a witty commentary.

There are rumors that the iPhone 13 family is likely to be the highlight, with a small notch on the 120Hz always-on display (at least for Pro models). You can also see camera upgrades, normal speed improvements, 1 TB storage options, and even emergency satellite calls. The iPhone is not always the only star. Many are also looking forward to the all-new case design of the Apple Watch Series 7, and you might see not only the new iPad, but also the third-generation AirPods. If you’re interested in upgrading Apple gear this fall, be sure to check it out.

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