VideoPress, Take 3 – News

VideoPress, Take 3

I promised to “come more” with the latest update, but now there are many more. Other features that make WordPress’s best video services even more powerful. You can upload more content, reach more viewers, and continue to share more inspiration with less effort. This video introduces you to the new features of VideoPress.

Let’s take a closer look at five new features that make VideoPress more powerful than ever.

  • High resolution video up to 4K – You can see clear images on any display and screen size. Added support for viewing videos in 1440p and 4K formats.
  • Adaptive Streaming – By automatically adjusting the video quality based on bandwidth and display size, video playback has been significantly accelerated. Viewers can still select the desired quality in the menu.
  • Progress bar color match – The VideoPress seek bar now adjusts the color to match the video scene. This makes the content really pop.
  • Resumable video uploads – If the upload is interrupted for some reason, you do not need to resume the upload. Simply drag the video into the editor and the resumable uploader will retrieve the video from it in the event of a network error.
  • Subtitles, captions, chapter support – Simply upload a text track via the VideoPress block and it will be available in your video as soon as you publish your post.

The most exciting times for video haven’t come yet. We are committed to continuing to evolve VideoPress so that we can continue to deliver high quality content to millions of users around the world, perfectly and ad-free.

VideoPress is included in our WordPress Pro Plan At if you have a self-hosted site, you can get VideoPress via Jetpack As a standalone product. VideoPress, Take 3 – News

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