Video: RoomPriceGenie-Phocuswright Conference 2021 Summit Pitch Winner


RoomPriceGenie shows how independent hotels can compete with revenue professionals in this world using data-driven intelligent pricing.

Marvin Speh, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

“RoomPriceGenie is a dynamic pricing software that can set prices automatically and help increase the revenue of hotels and serviced apartments by 15-20%.

“We set up RoomPriceGenie with the dream of making revenue management available to everyone. It needed to be simple enough for non-technical people to be happy to use it.

“We needed to be reasonably priced enough for hotels of all sizes, and we needed to offer the highest quality recommended prices.”

RoomPriceGenie touted the company at the Phocuswright Conference 2021 Summit Competition and recently Phocus Wire Hot 25 Travel Startup 2022..

Winner of People’s Choice and runner-up in the category of the most innovative startups.

RoomPriceGenie Center Stage Presentation …

RoomPriceGenie-Phocuswright Innovation Summit 2021-People’s Choice Winner

And an interview at Phocus Wire Studio …

Winner of the Summit Pitch at RoomPriceGenie-Phocuswright Conference 2021

https://www.phocuswire.com/RoomPriceGenie-Summit-pitch-winner-Phocuswright-Conference-2021 Video: RoomPriceGenie-Phocuswright Conference 2021 Summit Pitch Winner

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