Video: Red Doorz on Growth, Distribution and IPO Planning

Based in Singapore, despite the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Asia RedDoorz We are getting out of the crisis without compromising our ambitious vision.

Founded in 2015, the company currently owns 2,900 properties in five technology-first budget categories: the original RedDoorz, plus Urbanview, SANS, Sunerra and the long-stay brand KoolKost.

In an interview at Phocuswright Conference 2021Amit Saberwal, Founder and CEO of Red Doorz, talks with Yeoh Siew Hoon, Managing Director of Web in Travel, about his goal to grow the company into Southeast Asia’s largest hotel management and booking platform with over 15,000 hotels. increase.

Saberwal says the pandemic has delayed the company’s strategy by two years, but “our revenue profile is much better.

For every $ 1 you earn in your core business, you earn 50 cents with accessories that were zero before the pandemic. Our take rate is over 20%. I’m making more money today in half the night in my room. “

He also talks about which technology investments have benefited the company, the impact of accelerated digitization among consumers, and why Red Doorz “doesn’t return to Facebook or Google performance marketing.”

See the full interview below.

Executive Interview: RedDoorz-Amit Saberwal-Phocuswright Conference

Saberwald then sat at the Phocas Wire Studios at the Phocas Light Conference to discuss distribution strategies, future priorities, and his views on the IPO.

Executive Interview: Red Doorz on Future Priorities and IPOs

https://www.phocuswire.com/reddoorz-ceo-on-growth-distribution-and-ipo-plans Video: Red Doorz on Growth, Distribution and IPO Planning

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