Video: Despegar about taking advantage of pandemics

Latin America lags behind the United States and Europe in recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, but the region’s largest online travel agencies are working hard not to waste the crisis.

According to Damian Skokin DespegerThe Latin American-based OTA emerges more powerfully from the pandemic, but has a team that is “more devoted and slimmer than it was when it entered the pandemic.”

Scokin spoke at Phocus Wire Studio at the Phocuswright Conference in Florida last week, explaining that Despegar is, in a sense, running like a startup.

However, it does not undermine the ambition for “growth, growth, and further growth” in 2022.

Recent acquisitions such as Best Day by Despegar Purchased for $ 136 million in January, Helped strengthen its position in Mexico, says Scokin.

Scokin also talks to Phocus Wire news editor Jill Menze to explain how Despegar changed marketing spending during the COVID-19 crisis and how it landed. Investment round A wide range of trends he saw in the distribution of online travel in August of this year.

See the full interview below.

Executive Inteview: Despegar about taking advantage of pandemics

https://www.phocuswire.com/despegar-on-using-the-pandemic-to-its-advantage Video: Despegar about taking advantage of pandemics

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