Verso wants to benefit publishers and readers with a master media subscription

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The establishment of Verso, a Latin American-based company that provides digital subscription services for the media, has recently been announced.

Vangelis Trikoupis and Víctor Cortés co-founded this new startup. This is Cortez’s second venture into the publishing industry. tribeHe co-founded Contxto..

Cortez shared the news with a long list of investors in the pre-seed round: Magma Partners, Redwood Ventures, Beak’s Pamela ValdesNuvocargo’s Deepak Chhugani, Storybaker’s Mauricio Cabrera, Startupeable’s Enzo Cavalie, Rosa Jiménez Cano, Andrés Cajiao, Gonzalo Aguilar, Jose Vielma.

Verso is already active in two acceleration programs, Platanus Ventures and Platanus Ventures. Latitud..

Verso offers a master subscription for media and journalists. The platform comes with a web extension that allows readers to pay for a single master subscription and use it to access multiple paid publications.

This new service is interesting given the fragmentation of the publishing industry, which has been completely disrupted by the Internet.

As content creation via blogs and websites became available to anyone online, hundreds of news outlets emerged, focusing on topics that traditional news couldn’t interest or cover.

At the same time, hundreds of other stores had to change their business model. Relying on clicks on online ads, creating paywalls to give users access to content through paid subscriptions, and even creating new industries such as newsletters, branded content, and podcasts. You can also monetize through advertising and sponsorship.

User attention is also fragmented. With vast amounts of information, users are forced to choose where to invest their money and point their eyes.

According to Cortés, Verso seeks to provide solutions to both of these problems. One is to give readers freedom and improve access to the best sources of information. Help journalists and media better monetize existing content.

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