Vayo’s 3D DFM/DFA solution digitizes DFX know-how

Vayo technology is a leading provider of Design for Manufacturability (DFM)/New Product Introduction (NPI) solutions and is pleased to offer the digitization of manufacturing process know-how. IPC’s award-winning 3D DFM/DFA solution is designed to predict and analyze PCB design/manufacturing/assembly risks and express them effectively, allowing customers to implement their own supplier standard checks. ‘s digitized know-how can be converted into his knowledge base. The result is improved product quality and reliability, lower costs, and faster time to market.

Fig. 1 3D DFM/DFA solution

Why Choose a 3D DFM/DFA Solution

Vayo 3D DFM/DFA intelligent software effectively represents the DFM/DFX risks that manufacturers may face in the manufacturing process, including design omissions, prototyping assembly difficulties, mass production issues, and product reliability risks. It helps to better analyze PCB design/manufacturing/assembly risks such as: Improve product quality, reduce prototyping frequency for faster time to market, and directly improve functionality and product reliability. More specifically, the software uses the company’s 3D part package library to modify pin geometries, import complex packages such as shields from step data, simulate the finished assembly PCBA, 2D and Query results interactively in a 3D PCBA view, ultimately helping to highlight risks in virtualized PCBA. View and generate 3D result reports.

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Figure 2 3D result report

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The 3D DFM/DFA solution also allows users to transform supplier standard checks into their own digitized know-how knowledge base. In other words, you can easily create your own digitized know-how library with software. This includes Vayo’s over 1,500 check rules, the use of flexible fine-tuning capabilities, the ease of creating new rules, and the addition of over 50 check rules per year.

  • Build a customized digital know-how library for PCB assembly

Comprehensive DFM/DFA checks: The solution comes with over 1,500 initial check rules covering design, manufacturing and assembly checks.

Flexible rule creation/editing features: Create and edit functionality allows users to transform supplier standard checks into their own digitized know-how knowledge base.

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Figure 3 Building Your Own Digital Knowledge Base

A new algorithm to check rules that are added every year: Based on industry development trends and customer feedback, Vayo adds over 50 new check rule algorithms every year (63 new algorithms in 2021 and 78 new algorithms in 2022).

Commitment to continuous checking rule development: Vayo is committed to developing new rule checking algorithms for continuous improvement when a customer’s existing rule checking algorithms no longer meet their needs.

  • What are customers saying about Vayo 3D DFM/DFA software?

Customer feedback on Vayo’s 3D DFA/DFM capabilities has been overwhelmingly positive, said Atar Mittal, General Manager of Sierra Circuits. This has significantly reduced production line stagnation and increased productivity. Aimtron Corporation CEO Mukesh Vasani added, “The 3D DFA/DFM reports are very helpful in identifying assembly issues that are easily captured.”

For more information on VayoPro-DFM Expert, please visit: 3D DFM/DFA Solution.

About Vayo Technology

Over 18 years of experience in digitizing manufacturing processes in the SMT industry (3D DFM/DFA analysis, digitizing core PCBA processes, smart placement programming, DFT/testability and strategy analysis, SMT-specific CAM tools, etc.).

https://www.wnie.online/enable-dfx-know-how-digitalization-with-vayos-3d-dfm-dfa-solution/ Vayo’s 3D DFM/DFA solution digitizes DFX know-how

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