Vayo Technology’s DFX Execution System Accelerates Enterprise Digital Transformation at PCB West 2023

Vayo Technology, a global provider of industrial software solutions for interconnected electronic systems from design to manufacturing, is pleased to announce its plans to exhibit at PCB West 2023. The event is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. Vayo Technology will be at booth #510 talking about digitizing DFX know-how and how to build your own digital know-how library.

Vayo Technology is at the forefront of providing intelligent system platform solutions to enterprise electronic design and process departments with its robust DFX design execution system software. This system provides an innovative approach to automating the review, analysis, and digital management of PCB/PCBA design data.

PCB West 2023 provides a unique platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to gather and explore the latest advances in the field of printed circuit boards. Vayo Technology is excited to provide insights into the digitalization of DFX know-how and showcase how its solutions help companies optimize their design and manufacturing processes.

Visitors to booth #510 can interact with the Vayo Technology team and gain insight into the benefits of digitizing DFX know-how. Vayo’s solutions streamline and automate design data review and analysis, enabling companies to increase overall productivity, reduce errors, and optimize collaboration between design and manufacturing teams. .

Vayo Technology invites participants to discover the potential of digitalizing DFX know-how and explore the possibilities of building your own digital know-how library. The company’s expertise in intelligent manufacturing solutions positions these solutions as a valuable resource for professionals who want to stay at the forefront of industry trends and advances.

For more information about VayoPro-DFM Expert, please visit: 3D DFM/DFA solution.

https://www.wnie.online/vayo-technologys-dfx-execution-system-accelerates-enterprise-digital-transformation-at-pcb-west-2023/ Vayo Technology’s DFX Execution System Accelerates Enterprise Digital Transformation at PCB West 2023

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