Various vendors of self-encrypting drives (SEDs)

With the rise of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, advanced cryptographic tools and technologies are becoming more and more popular as defenses against hacker intrusions.

This blog details the various vendors of self-encrypting drives (SEDs) and the unique benefits of providing the highest level of protection for your HPC.

What is a self-encrypting drive?

Self-encrypting drive (SED) A hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD) that automatically encrypts and decrypts drive data without user input or disk encryption software.

Outside the consumer market, SEDs are increasingly being adopted for use in government and military applications.They usually require an additional layer of security in the form of NIST FIPS 140-2 certification..

What is driving the demand for self-encrypting drives?

Traditional username and password combinations have proven to be relatively ineffective, as cybercriminals are finding ways to access them. Confidential and Confidential Information With tactics backed by social engineering Artificial intelligence..

In the face of these advanced attacks, customers have expressed their need for SED and others. Advanced cyber security technology For mission-critical applications to improve data protection at the hardware level.

Various vendors of self-encrypting drives

Here are some recommendations for vendors of self-encrypting drives: Many have partnered with Trenton to help enhance our cybersecurity capabilities. High performance computing solution..

These drives are ideal for Department of Defense (DoD), federal government, and critical infrastructure applications.


DIGISTOR CITADEL FIPS-140-2 certified self-encrypting SSD Is an integrated hardware solution compatible with system Windows, Linux, Hypervisor Like SecureView.

CITADELSED integrates pre-tested ones Multi-factor authentication, Pre-boot authentication, And hardware encryption. This allows you to build a secure solution for stored data on standard laptops, desktops, and tactical servers.

Built-in preboot authentication unlocks access to the encrypted operating system or virtual machine on the CITADEL SSD and the data stored on it.

Protected data is encrypted with NSA-approved encryption Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption at the hardware level. Upon startup, CITADEL enables hardware-speed access to the system’s full-performance, encrypted data with no overhead.

DIGISTOR Citadel’s line of pre-boot certification SEDs is just one of the SED products we offer, including C Series SEDs, Standard FIPS (now Common Criteria (CC) SEDs), and TCG Opal SEDs. All available in M.2 NVMe, M.2 SATA, and 2.5 inch SATA form factors.


Intel 320 SSD When Intel 520 SSD There is a drive controller that automatically encrypts all data to the drive and decrypts all data from the drive.

The disk encryption key (DEK) cannot be present in the processor or memory of a computer that is vulnerable to hacker attacks.

The key used for encryption and decryption is securely stored only on the drive and is encrypted with the Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) password, so the drive can only be accessed after successful user authentication. Without the key, the data remains encrypted on the media.

User authentication is done by providing the ATA user password within the SED, which is separate from the operating system (OS). As a result, attacks on the OS do not affect the SED boot process.


MEMKOR SED Designed with the MIL-STD-180F / G specification in mind, it is a military-grade FIPS 140-2 certified drive that meets requirements such as extreme performance, minimum power consumption, and user data protection priorities. It is located in various places. Of the application.

The six types of MEMKORSED are:

  1. M + Secure: The M + Secure drive supports a variety of SED management features such as ATA commands, TCG (Trusted Computing Group) Opal, and TCG Enterprise, all of which guarantee data security for your storage deployment.
  2. M + sturdy: All industrial SSDs are built using a special bill of materials (BOM). The M + Rugged (Extra Rugged) drive can operate at high altitudes, high temperatures, and vibrations up to 16.3 GRMS.
  3. M + capacity: M + Capacity Drives offer the highest density and maximum capacity solid state storage with up to 24TB of solid state storage, either in a stand or in a unique form factor.
  4. performance: Performance drives enable high-throughput real-time data recording, video streaming, cloud computing, large databases, and transaction processing applications. Firmware can be optimized to minimize application-specific delays and smooth data burst processing.
  5. minimum Form factor: The MEMKOR ORANGE drive contains a number of small form factor SSDs suitable for deployment and embedded storage in compact size missions, industrial and medical computers.
  6. Legacy embedded flash: Legacy embedded flash drives are solid-state storage solutions designed as a drop replacement for legacy computers that use traditional rotating or flash-based drives.

NGD system

NGD NVMe SED Is a computational storage drive that significantly improves the performance of mission-critical AI / ML / DL applications in real time.

These self-encrypting drives manage large amounts of drive data locally by introducing computing resources into the drive itself, reducing data movement and processing load on the memory and CPU of the host server or workstation. increase.

These are especially useful for large datasets and delay-sensitive applications that require immediate, actionable insights.


Seagate FIPS 140-2 certified SED Like the Exos X-series hard drives, it is designed to protect stored data and reduce IT costs.

Seagate Instant Secure Erase encrypts your data encryption key to make all data on your hard drive unreadable in less than a second, and you can safely return, reuse, or dispose of your drive.

Auto-Lock automatically locks the drive to protect your data the moment the drive is removed from the system or the drive or system is powered off.


Self-encrypting drives help prevent unauthorized access and protect stored, in-use, and in-transit data.

Technology companies such as Intel, DIGISTOR, MEMKOR, NGD Systems and Seagate are taking different approaches to protecting sensitive and sensitive information in hard disks or solid state drives for a variety of military and government applications. increase.

By incorporating a self-encrypting drive, you can provide your customers with a program and application solution that protects the integrity of your data when it matters most.

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