Vankyo 1080p Mini Wireless Leisure 530W Projector-2021 Review

One of the highlights of the Vankyo 1080p Mini Wireless Leisure 530W Projector is that it comes with a 100-inch screen. It’s already a bargain at $ 229.99, and with the addition of the bundled HDMI cable and 3-year warranty, the price drops to $ 199.99 thanks to the $ 30 coupon that Vankyo usually includes on Amazon pages. As you can imagine from the low price, Vankyo cuts corners with several features.But that doesn’t prevent you from being surprisingly competent projector For the price.

Cut carefully selected corners

The 530W has native resolutions up to 1080p. According to Vankyo, it is built around a single 1920 x 1080 LCD with color filters and a white LED light source, much like a monitor. This combination means that you cannot see the rainbow artifacts.

Most LED projectors in this price range Viewsonic M1 Mini And that Kodak Luma 150, Palmtop or pocket size. The 530W is a reduced version of the more expensive lamp-based design, weighing only 4 pounds. At 3.5 x 9.4 x 8.3 inches (HWD), there is ample space on the back panel for all the connectors you might need, including two full-size HDMI ports. There is also a USB-A port that can power the streaming stick and read files from a USB stick.

Vankyo 530W backport

One of the corners cut by Vankyo is a TF memory card slot that cannot read microSD cards. Second, the built-in file reader is more difficult to use than usual to view photos from a memory card or USB stick. A better choice is to connect to your Android or iOS phone or tablet over Wi-Fi for screen mirroring.Connected to Samsung Galaxy S20 FE I mirrored the Netflix app without any problems.

The unit I tested was unable to connect to the Wi-Fi router. According to Vankyo, this feature will be added in later units. If you need that feature, make sure the unit you order includes it.

Physical setup is standard. Plug in the power cord (no batteries) and connect to the image source. Then point the projector at the location you’re using for the screen, move it as needed to adjust the image size, and manually adjust the focus. One of the most welcome points is that the 530W makes focusing easier, unlike many cheap projectors. The large focus wheel runs smoothly, provides adequate resistance for reliable control, and requires only minor adjustments to change focus.

Bankyo 530W Side Angle

Also, a nice surprise category is that onboard audio is far superior to the typical one for such a small projector, especially considering its 3 watt speakers. In tests in small and medium sized family rooms, 530W was good enough, although not of good quality. There is also a 3.5 mm stereo audio output port for connecting to a sound system.

One of the reasons for boosting audio with external speakers is that the projector fan is unusually noisy. I’m not particularly sensitive to fan noise, but I still felt noisy.

The included screen is one of the extras, but it is also one of the places where Bankyo is cutting corners. It is made entirely of material and has metal grommets along the reinforced edges. Must be hung like bed sheets. In addition, the 100-inch diagonal size is a bit optimistic for 1.0 gain material. Even in a dark room, the brightness of the projector will be higher than the brightness recommended by the Society of Motion Picture and Television (SMPTE). (Brightness will be explained later.)

The input delay was measured at 44.5ms. This is good for casual games, but there are many better gaming projectors out there.

Skip default settings

Of course, the most important thing is how beautiful the image looks. Scores at 530W can produce different results, depending on whether you leave the default settings or tweak them. The menu has three predefined color modes: soft, standard, and vivid. In my tests, all of them shifted a bit to green, and the colors looked a little whitish, probably even at smaller image sizes than I used, and I couldn’t change any settings other than the color temperature. Fortunately, there are also user modes that allow you to use some additional settings.

Vankyo 530W Top view setting button

User mode adds brightness, color (adjusts saturation), contrast, and sharpening settings. By adjusting the red and blue settings, I was able to get rid of most of the green bias. We also adjusted the brightness and contrast to reduce the sharpness level. At the default level, it was high enough to obscure subtle digital noise and make the image look grainy.

See how to test your projectorSee how to test your projector

After these adjustments, some colors were still off enough to be noticed, but the graininess disappeared and the contrast and shadow details were unacceptable even in demanding dark scenes. Watching.

Bankyo 530W Rear Angle

Vankyo rates the brightness of 530W as 290 ANSI lumens. This is low compared to the claims of some directly competing projectors, but these claims are usually exaggerated, and in some cases orders of magnitude exaggerated. The 530W was as bright as I would expect from a rating. In a dark room, I used a 1.0 gain screen and set it to a 72-inch diagonal image for extended viewing. This is within the 290 lumens recommended by SMPTE. In low to medium ambient light, 51 inch images were obtained. This was well visible in the family room, even in bright light on a cloudy day. The 530W is also suitable for outdoor activities, and it is recommended if you use it all together because it is inexpensive and the screen is included. Cheap backyard movie night..

A sure choice with a small budget

The Vankyo 1080p Mini Wireless Leisure 530W Projector misses some potentially important tricks.Whenever you need a projector that provides excellent image quality right out of the box Minardi Synq M189, Can also power streaming sticks. If you need built-in streaming capabilities, Kodak Luma 350If your budget is very tight Viewsonic M1 MiniHowever, if you’re new to setting up projections in the basement or backyard and need a simple, inexpensive projector and screen combination, the 530W bundle isn’t a reliable option.

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