USMC has set a new joint light tactical vehicle trailer on the field

US Marine Corps (USMC) System Command (MCSC) is set to Field New multipurpose joint light tactical vehicle (JLTV) trailer.

The procurement of this new vehicle is in line with the USMC Force Design 2030 light fleet modernization efforts.

The new JLT V-Trailer features an independent suspension system that can carry more weight while offering better off-road mobility than the current Legacy Light Tactical Trailer Fleet.

In addition, the new trailer can work with hand-to-hand combat weapon carriers, general-purpose heavy machine gun carriers, and utility JLTV variants.

It is designed to support general purpose cargo and tactical generator mobility missions.

Elena Vallely, JLTV Systems Team Leader of the MCSC Logistics Combat Element Systems Portfolio, said:

According to Vallely, the USMC plans to procure and deploy up to 4,000 trailers.

Deployment of the JLTV trailer to all three active Marine Infantry Divisions and Marine Expeditionary Units is scheduled to begin this summer.

The trailer field activities are carried out by MCSC’s JLTV program team.

During this process, the team ensures that Marines receive onsite support from the trailer manufacturer’s field service personnel.

In addition, the team will provide Marines with new equipment training instructors and key personnel.

Valerie added: “The new trucks and trailers we procure, and the fields will be green.

“During next year, we will see the vehicle fleet move to a green truck with a green trailer configuration.”

This green paint scheme is expected to help move the JLTV fleet from desert warfare to a tropical environment where the concept of Expeditionary Altitude Base Operations (EABO) can be adopted.

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