US Debut of Ventec’s New PCB Laminate Range at IPC APEX Expo 2023

Ventec International Group Co., Ltd. (6672 TT) will present a range of new PCB laminates and prepregs at the IPC APEX Expo in San Diego, California. From January 24-26, visitors to Booth 419 are invited to discover Ventec’s latest tec-speed materials and next-generation metal-based laminates with exceptional thermal conductivity at their North American debut. be invited. Ventec’s comprehensive range of high-reliability PCB laminates and prepreg solutions will also be the focus of the US manufacturing industry at the annual expo.

Ventec’s expanding range of PCB materials are designed to meet the technological needs of the PCB manufacturing industry. With laminates specifically developed for use in rugged conditions, Ventec’s products offer reliability and high performance, supported by Ventec’s fully controlled and managed global supply chain, ensuring unpredictable worldwide availability. We guarantee reliable delivery in any situation.

United States – New Laminates and Prepregs Launched

With its US debut at APEX, Ventec will showcase new additions to its tec-speed and tec-thermal ranges.

Techspeed 30.0 – VT-6735 – With a thermal conductivity of 1.15 W/mK, this laminate offers excellent thermal performance in applications operating at high temperatures. It also features a low dielectric constant (Dk) of 3.5, excellent insulation resistance, and high dimensional stability for reliable long-term operation.

tec-speed 20.0 – VTM-1000i – A new hydrocarbon laminate with excellent thermal reliability and incredibly high Dk (9.8) and low Df (0.0023). Materials can be supplied bonded with or without a metal (aluminum or copper) base plate heat sink. The tec-speed 20.0 VTM-1000i is a premium option for use in satellite communications systems, GPS antennas, and other RF and microwave circuits.

tec-speed 6.0 H-PK – VT-770/VT-770 (LK) – Halogen-free, high temperature grade laminate/prepreg material that provides excellent performance in high temperature and harsh environment applications. Offers an extended temperature range, is highly reliable, and is resistant to thermal cycling. The VT-770 (LK) features a low dielectric constant that helps minimize crosstalk for high-speed signals and is halogen-free, making it ideal for lead-free and environmentally friendly products.

tec-speed 6.0 – VT-462SH NF/LF – Ultra-low loss no-flow/low-flow materials designed to meet eco-friendly requirements. It offers excellent bonding and thermal performance in heat sink bonding and rigid-flex substrate applications, with consistent lamination and a small flow range.

VT-4BC – A high thermal conductivity metal base laminate designed for use in applications requiring superior performance in thermal management. With excellent mechanical properties, dimensional stability, and excellent dielectric properties, this material is resistant to impact, moisture, and chemicals, making it a reliable choice for the most demanding applications.

Other highlights from the show:

autolam – developed for the automotive industry

A premier set of Ventec PCB-based material solutions curated specifically for the diverse and unique requirements of automotive applications.

aerolam – used for aviation, aerospace, and defense applications

aerolam is a purpose-built portfolio developed by Ventec to address the complete range of aviation, aerospace, and defense applications, providing quality solutions for these demanding industries.

professional development session

Our Senior Director of Business Development, Paul Cook, will be conducting three professional development sessions for the show on Sunday 22nd.nd and Monday the 23rdrd November. His subjects focus on “Process Flow and Related Defects” and “PCB Design for High Reliability”.

With products for the most demanding markets, such as the defense and aerospace sector and the automotive industry, Ventec’s range includes options for multiple applications across a range of budgets.

“U.S. manufacturing is paramount to Bentec. We are expanding our specialist and dedicated team focused on delivering world-class products with equally world-class expertise and support. “Our recent growth has included two exciting appointments in recent months, Chad Wood and Paul Cooke. Both have joined our team as Director of OEM Sales and Business Development and Senior Director of Business Development respectively.We are excited to welcome visitors to our San Diego booth to discuss the latest developments in our laminate range. looking forward to it.”

Ventec International is a world leader in the manufacture of polyimide and high reliability epoxy laminates and prepregs and a specialist provider of thermal management and IMS solutions. More information on Ventec’s solutions and the company’s wide range of products is available at: www.venteclaminates.com and/or download the Ventec APP.

https://www.wnie.online/us-debut-of-ventecs-new-range-of-pcb-laminates-at-ipc-apex-expo-2023/ US Debut of Ventec’s New PCB Laminate Range at IPC APEX Expo 2023

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