Upgraded MP2110A Sampling Oscilloscope PAM4 Evaluation Function

Anritsu Corporation has announced the release of Option-098, a signal processing software that adds upgraded functionality for evaluating PAM4.* 1 Differential electrical signal to the BRT Wave sampling oscilloscope MP2110A.

This new option supports measurements that comply with the IEEE 802.3 optical module standard.* 2 Electrical interface. Accelerate communication in data centers and mobile networks by using PAM4 technology to improve the evaluation efficiency of 50-400G optical modules.

Development background

Data centers are currently switching to PAM4 optical modules to handle the significant increase in communication traffic on mobile networks. In addition, the PAM4 optical module for communication supports much more communication speeds in the 50-800 Gbit / s range than traditional NRZs, in response to the need for simpler configurations of flexible networks.* 3 Technology.

Optical modules support long-distance communication by converting electrical signals from network devices into optical signals. For traditional optical modules using NRZ technology, it was considered important to show that an optical interface could connect equipment from multiple vendors, but similar proof of electrical interface interoperability is not required. Was considered.

However, for PAM4 optical modules that support different speeds, different module types must also be supported on the device side. In addition, in traditional systems, network equipment and optical modules were sourced from the same vendor, but the motivation for cost savings is for users to source equipment and modules from different vendors.

In such situations, it is necessary to ensure interoperability not only between the optical side but also between the electrical side interfaces. Guaranteeing this interoperability requires rigorous evaluation based on the IEEE 802.3 PHY layer standard.

To meet these upgraded interconnect requirements, Anritsu has added support for IEEE 802.3 PAM4 electrical interface measurements to the popular MP2110A, while continuing to support PAM4 optical interface measurements. It is used by many manufacturers as a sampling oscilloscope for manufacturing optical modules.

Product Summary

The BERTWave MP2110A is an all-in-one device that combines a sampling oscilloscope for evaluating communication signal waveforms and a BERT for measuring bit error rates. A variety of upgrade options are available to customize the number of sampling oscilloscope channels, etc. to configure a cost-effective test environment that meets your requirements. High-speed, all-at-once, parallel measurements on four channels ensure high production line throughput.

This newly released Option-098 adds new support for measuring PAM4 electrical interfaces to the current support for various IEEE 802.3 PAM4 optical modules currently on the market. Measurements using IEEE 802.3 digital filters and equalizers are also supported.In addition, a new embed / unembed feature* Four It facilitates calibration of the measurement environment including cables. You can configure a measurement environment without trigger signals by installing the built-in clock recovery option-054.

BERTWave Functions of MP2110A

  • Simultaneous built-in single / dual / quad channel sampling oscilloscope and BERT
  • World’s most sensitive sampling oscilloscope and optional built-in clock recovery unit for analyzing optical signals from 26Gbaud NRZ to 53Gbaud PAM4
  • High-speed and stable measurement using the built-in PC

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