Unleash your potential with GitHub Octernships: Your Path to a Successful Tech Career

Are your students ready to take their skills to the next level? Well, look no further!Today we are announcing a new product GitHub Octernships Programs: Enhance your job prospects by working with companies around the world, receiving mentorship, and turning your passion for software development into a career in technology.

What is octaneship?

Imagine working on a real project while in school and getting paid for it. This is just a small part of what Octernships has to offer. Gain hands-on experience and the opportunity to work on a variety of projects to develop a wide range of software development skills, including open source projects, documentation, design, and testing. You’ll also get meaningful guidance from industry experts, collaborate with other developers, and get the chance to connect with potential employers from our curated list of registered partners.

The program is fully remote, engaging with companies from all over the world, discovering new industry opportunities, building the skills future developers need to succeed, and gaining a competitive edge with each Octernships project they participate in. You can get some student scholarships.

During the pilot program, our partners were truly blown away by the energy, enthusiasm and commitment Octerns displayed. Many organizations offered pre-placement offers to some students. Appwrite CEO Eldad Fux said:

“we, GitHub Octernships pilot programAn intern hired last year has become an upright employee and is achieving results that exceed expectations. The program focuses on real-world projects and evaluates interns based on their effort and quality of work, so you can feel confident in choosing the best interns for your team. Overall, I would highly recommend this program to other tech companies looking for top talent for internships. ”

How to apply for Octernships

GitHub Octernships will initially launch to students in 10 countries, including India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, Nigeria, and Colombia, and will expand to more regions over time. increase.To apply, you need to Validated on Global Campusbecome an active contributor on GitHub and keep an eye out for new projects that we plan to post. octaneship all year round.

what are you looking for It’s time to unleash your potential and start your engineering career.Take a chance and apply GitHub OcternshipsYou are part of the next generation of developers. We want to nurture your talents to give you the skills you need to drive the software innovations of the future.

How to become a partner

GitHub Octernships provide a unique opportunity to interact with the next generation of technical experts. Partners not only have access to a diverse pool of qualified international students, they also benefit from the program’s focus on real-world projects and evaluation of students based on effort and professional ethics. Partner-provided student scholarships and support from mentors allow students to collaborate and develop their skills while contributing to partner projects.

Join us in building a future-proof platform for student developers and invest in the future of technology. Become an Octernships Partner today.

https://github.blog/2023-03-06-unleash-your-potential-with-github-octernships-a-path-to-a-thriving-tech-career/ Unleash your potential with GitHub Octernships: Your Path to a Successful Tech Career

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