University of Birmingham Announces New NCATI to Improve Education

The University of Birmingham is launching a new National University of Advanced Transport Infrastructure (NCATI) in a special partnership between higher education and further education.

As part of the university group, the new NCATI will produce a new generation of highly skilled professionals who will lead the UK’s future rail, transportation and infrastructure workforce. NCATI leverages the university’s internationally recognized railroad expertise to help address sector skill gaps in Midland and the North, along with strong industries and a wide range of partners.

“Collaboration with NCATI is a unique project and the University of Birmingham is particularly well suited to its success. Using internationally recognized expertise in railroad education, learners, industry partners and local communities We look forward to securing a bright new future for ourselves, “said Professor Tim Jones, Provost and Vice. -Principal of the University of Birmingham.

The launch is the culmination of a rigorous process by which the university works with the Ministry of Education to ensure a successful, sustainable and inclusive future for the university. The new principal, Ian Fitzpatrick, has been appointed to lead the college on a mission to become world-class in delivering national educational outcomes in the rail, transportation and infrastructure sectors.

On the state-of-the-art campuses of Birmingham and Doncaster, the new NCATI offers quality education and training with unique local services specializing in rail and transportation engineering. In addition, the hub-and-spoke model ensures that NCATI works with educational partners across the UK to act as a national university.

Apprenticeship will be a fundamental part of the upcoming NCATI curriculum. After a thorough application process, the new NCATI has been accepted for apprenticeship training provider registration and is now preparing new apprentices to enroll in college within the next few months.

NCATI is also established as an integral part of government transportation, infrastructure, and broader industrial strategies by developing influential collaborations with educational institutions, employers, and trade associations.

The need for a highly skilled workforce to enable the government’s ambitious transport infrastructure investment program is highlighted in the latest transport infrastructure and skills strategies. This strategy underscores the importance of quality training in the sector to support its level-up agenda and post-covid recovery, as well as an ambitious program of transportation infrastructure investment.

https://www.memuk.org/transport/university-of-birmingham-launches-new-ncati-to-improve-education-60824 University of Birmingham Announces New NCATI to Improve Education

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