United’s latest jets offer Bluetooth for in-flight entertainment

United Airlines adds the long-awaited feature to the in-flight entertainment seat back screen of the new Boeing 737 Max 8 jet — Bluetooth headphone support.the company We are upgrading as part of “United Next”A new plan to expand and modernize the fleet with larger, fuel efficient jets and a more comfortable flight experience.

I haven’t flown in the last two years, but perhaps for obvious reasons, what has stopped most of my past flight experience is the strange 2-pin audio jack that the plane uses for in-flight audio. is. Having headphones with a 3.5mm audio jack isn’t difficult, but it doesn’t reflect the Bluetooth audio lifestyle. Apple and many other tech companies are slowly forcing me to hire.I don’t like wireless audio freaks right now, but as it happened, United upgrades like the demo will be very exciting In the following tweet From aviation writer Jason Rabinowitz.

The addition of the seat back screen made a big difference in flight tolerance, but it’s lagging behind due to delayed audio support. The Verge I also write a guide Moving. And this is not a United-specific issue. Other airlines, such as Delta and JetBlue, have been offering seat back screens for years, but they also offer flyers with analog audio. United could be one of the first airlines to launch the next wave of in-flight entertainment improvements (hopefully).

However, there is room for things to turn a little sideways. As part of the upgrade, United’s new 737 Max 8 jets offer a 10-inch or 13-inch in-flight entertainment screen on the back of every seat. This can mean that many people try to connect to Bluetooth at once. This can cause interference, and the process of connecting headphones can be tedious if you have to hunt around for multiple devices trying to pair in the same menu. United currently offers Bluetooth only on Max 8 jets and says it needs to start flying this summer. The company didn’t say how it plans to address the Bluetooth issue, but said it was still “researching the technology.”

Bluetooth can’t be justified as a change as meaningful as more foot space and safer flights, but for the cash-storing aviation industry. To survive the pandemic And it’s okay to use some fashionable new features to invite frequent users to earn miles. United’s latest jets offer Bluetooth for in-flight entertainment

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