Undertale’s sequel Deltarune’s new chapter surprises the September 17th release

Next chapter Deltarune Coming, I’m over the excitement. Surprise announcement, creator of Toby Fox Undertale Series, obviously Deltarune Chapter 2 It will be released on Mac and PC on September 17th.

The news came during the live stream on September 15th Deltarune Chapter 1 Wear to commemorate Undertale6th anniversary.Organized by three fathers of Fangamer, a retailer of game products Deltarune The live stream featured a terrifying dad-approved shirt, canned laughter typical of 90’s sitcom, and Toby Fox’s own commentary via skateboarding. Annoying dog Text-to-speech proxy. Here you can check (and need to check) the VOD of a healthy stream.

Deltarune A long-awaited follow-up to Toby Fox’s award-winning indie RPG Undertale.. The game follows Chris, a human who lives entirely in a monster-inhabited town and attends school. One day, Chris and the bully Susie are tasked with regaining light and balancing the land in another reality called the Dark World. Along the way, they meet two “dark men”, Larsey and Lancer, who help (and sometimes hinder) Susie and Chris’ quest.

Not like Undertale, DeltaruneThe release was in installments and the first release was in October 2018. Two years later Fox wrote an update on DeltaruneHe shared his progress, game design considerations and how health issues delayed development, but he was confident in the next chapter. Deltarune Will come soon. Well, one year after the announcement, Undertale5th Anniversary, Next Chapter Deltarune It is here.

according to Frequently Asked Questions, Console port Deltarune Not at the table at this time. It’s unclear if this chapter is available for free as follows: Chapter 1 was. Deltarune Chapter 2 Hit Mac and PC on September 17th and can catch up Deltarune Chapter 1 here.. Undertale’s sequel Deltarune’s new chapter surprises the September 17th release

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