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Mobile, Alabama (WKRG) – Every summer for the past 25 years, legendary high school football coach Terry Curtis has brought together all ages of bulldog football for a week-long youth camp. The camp is open to UMS-Wright players from his freshman year through his eighth year and plays an important role in bringing together all levels of the sport.

Approximately 150 children attend this camp, which features punt, pass and kick competitions and a period of time experiencing the same play schemes as at representative level. Curtis told WKRG Sports that a week spent with the team is key to player development.

“We get to know kids at an early age and start growing up,” Curtis said. “The coaches know them and they get to know the coaches. They know what happens. They know what I expect. They know our system.” They know what we do offensively and defensively.”

The 3rd through 6th grade teams are coached by the parents of former players. Curtis and his coaching staff plan to hold a clinic in late July to get everyone on the same page. This clinic provides an opportunity to review practice preparation, tackles, coaching methods and how we teach the technical aspects of our program.

“It’s all agreed,” says Curtis. “At UMS-Wright, parents, players, kids, alumni, everyone agrees.”

Curtis and his national team are just weeks away from the start of preseason training. The team hopes to build on its successful 12-1 season, including advancing to the Class 5A state quarterfinal round.

“We are getting better and better,” Curtis said. “We’ve got some new quarterbacks on board, but that’s always a challenge. They’re doing a good job. Yesterday we played 7-7 with a couple of schools, and a week and a half later, it’s already been 1-2. We’re going to do it once.We’re not a big 7 on 7 team.We’re going to be a run and play and do team.It’s just our philosophy.But they’re working hard. So we need some new players to step up and replace the good players.”

UMS Lite will open the season on Friday, August 25th against St. Paul’s.

https://www.wkrg.com/sports/ums-wright-coach-terry-curtis-holds-25th-annual-youth-football-camp/ UMS Right Coach Terry Curtis Hosts 25th Youth Football Camp – WKRG News 5

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