Ultima, CEO of Microsoft’s price increase, customers move to long-term spending and roll out IA-Cloud globally

MSP boss Scott Dodds talks about Microsoft’s price increases and what that means for customers.

According to Ultima CEO Scott Dodds, future price increases at Microsoft mean that customers will have to invest more in managing their licenses as the costs of large customers begin to rise.

Microsoft Last month we announced that we would raise the price It’s up 25% for commercial Office 365 and Windows 365 products.

The changes will take effect on March 1, next year, and will apply not only to commercial products, but also to business packages such as Office 365 EI, Office 365 E3, and Office 365 E5.

This shows the most substantive pricing from Microsoft in over a decade.

Talk to CRN, Scott Dodds said the increase is “unavoidable” and that the change requires more attention to how large customers use and manage Microsoft licenses. Said it meant.

“For me, it’s about value. When I’m talking about dollars here and there, I don’t hear much, but when there are tens of thousands of people, it’s a big deal,” Dodds said.

“I think there are more questions asking who has what and if you need it.”

“Next, we need to consider how to optimize and manage these licenses. Are you getting the most out of the cloud? Are you switching it on and off as needed? That’s the cloud. This is not just a licensing model, but a usage model. “

According to Dodds, Microsoft’s pricing changes occur when customers start investing in long-term IT projects.

He said CRN He said there was a “massive stagnation” in the market and a few large-scale projects that were previously postponed have been relaunched in the past few months.

“There are signs that companies are now taking a step towards longer-term investments … we’re still stuck with Covid’s problems, but generally speaking, companies are starting to move in the right direction. “I will.”

“There is more cloud engagement. We are migrating large data centers. Many include those in traditional data centers, but they all include cloud hooks. They are all. We’ll update certain parts of the data center, including how to move to the cloud, but the question of how to move it to the cloud in the next few years still remains. It’s for everyone now. Is on the agenda. “

Ultima Labs, the development division of Ultima, launched its own automated cloud platform called IA-Cloud Platform in November last year. This will reduce Azure management costs by an average of 66%.

According to Dodds, IA-Cloud will soon be available worldwide for MSP through a partnership with distribution giant Tech Data.

Meanwhile, Ultima’s other cloud-based service, IA-Connect, will also be available through TechData in the near future, Dodds said.

The CEO added that IA-Connect has begun to automate the process of joiners, movers and rivers (JML) in the business. This solves the “massive problems” of any company, Dodds said.

“A compliance issue that shuts down leavers or participants who still have access to the system so they have the right access to the right ones.

“Not only joiners and movers, but movers are just as big a problem. This is just as big a problem for any organization. You can get your finances to move to a technical role. Get all the access and no one remembers. This JML concept is a big topic. “ Ultima, CEO of Microsoft’s price increase, customers move to long-term spending and roll out IA-Cloud globally

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