UK start-ups make up half of Sequoia Capital’s Ark Europe cohort

Sequoia Capital, a California-based venture capital firm, has revealed 17 members of the first Arc Cohort, a seed-stage investment and mentorship program for European tech start-ups.

Sequoia is a strong player in the world of technology VC investment and has previously supported Google, Nvidia, Apple, PayPal and others.

Historically, it has primarily invested in US startups, followed by Chinese and Indian startups. Dealroom data show that Sequoia Capital has made the majority of its investment – ​​683 – Series A round..

March, VC company publication We will look to Europe and look for “outliers” in the tech industry.

Those accepted in the Arc program will receive an initial $ 1 million upfront investment, followed by an eight-week session for startups that includes guidance and training from key Sequoia key figures. Brilliant portfolio..

Training will be provided by Bolt founder and CEO Markus Villig, Hubspot Marketing SVP Kieran Flanagan and others.

Of the 15 companies that participated in the Arc Cohort, 8 are based in the United Kingdom. Two more startups are still in stealth mode and haven’t been named yet.

The complete cohort includes Akeero, Baselime, Calliper, Choice Options, CreatorSpace, Fides, Otto Finance, Popsink, RevMap, Studeo, SureIn, Synativ, Telescope, Twain and Xelda.

Details of the UK startups at Sequoia Capital’s Ark Europe Cohort are as follows:

Sequoia Capital’s Ark Europe Cohort UK Startup


Based in London, Baselime creates automated dashboards and alerts to help software developers switch to a serverless architecture.


A software company that develops a platform that displays all corporate data together without the need for a data engineer.

Selection options

Choice Options are recommended platforms for movies, books, food and more. We want to provide recommendations to our users while maintaining their privacy.

Otto Finance

Fintech Otto Finance is an economical health and welfare platform for employees. Otto gives users access to their financial overview, financial coaches, and planning and tracking of financial goals.


An app that provides access to online education from tutors who have graduated from prestigious universities such as Cambridge and Oxford. This app teaches using Pomodoro technique and spaced repetition.


Headquartered in London, Synativ is a platform for creating computer vision model data by transforming existing datasets using high resolution image compositing.


Telescope, an artificial intelligence company, collects data from a variety of companies to help people in sales. Find potential clients, create personalized outreach emails with follow-ups, and use your data to improve outreach.


Xelda allows businesses to receive payments via QR codes. Customers do not have to enter their email address or download additional ones to make payments. UK start-ups make up half of Sequoia Capital’s Ark Europe cohort

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