UK HS2 announces first design of Washwood Heath Depot

UK-based company High Speed ​​2 (HS2) publication First design image of Washwood Heath Depot, the maintenance facility and main control center for the entire HS2 network.

HS2 uses this site for maintenance, service, and storage when the train is not in use.

This site consists of a maintenance building, a network integration control center (NICC), a cleaner and driver building.

The maintenance building serves as the primary hub for operations within the site. In addition to storing materials and equipment, it is also used for maintenance of HS2 trains.

In addition, the building will accommodate approximately 250 staff, including facility management, fleet management, production, cleaning and depot drivers.

The Network Integrated Control Center, designed to monitor the entire HS2 network, is centrally located within the Washwood Heath Depot.

The building that supports the operation and management functions of the HS2 network consists of a control room, a gym, and a dining room. About 100 people work in the building.

Located in the western area of ​​the depot, the Cleaner and Driver Building provides facilities for train maintenance teams and driver training.

The building is connected to the stable yard and accommodates about 200 people.

All buildings incorporate environmentally friendly features such as solar roof panels, low carbon materials and the use of renewable energy. It also allows natural light to pass through and reuses rainwater runoff from the roof.

Located northeast of Birmingham city centre, Washwood Heath Depot is expected to create more than 550 jobs locally.

Richard Kirkham, Head of the HS2 Delivery Project, said:

March of this year, HS2 clearly Design of the noise canceling north portal for the British Chiltern tunnel.

related company UK HS2 announces first design of Washwood Heath Depot

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