UK Grants £ 15m to Nine Rail Repair Projects

The British government Assigned An additional £ 15m to develop nine Restoring Your Railway schemes across the UK.

This money will help open obsolete railway lines, services and stations, including some stations that were closed in the 1950s and 1960s.

In January last year, the restoration of the railway fund began under the agenda of leveling up, and the government invested £ 500 million in reopening lines and stations.

This funding is expected to support the development of some schemes discovered through the Ideas Fund and to provide early stage development funding for 38 schemes. It already helped to reopen the Dartmoor line.

Nine funded schemes include Walsall’s Aldridge Station and line upgrades, Barrow Hill Line between Sheffield and Chesterfield, Ivan Ho Line between Leicester and Burton on Trent, and Mayer Station between Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire. It is included.

Other plans include Huxby Station on the Scarbara Line from York, the Revival of the Fleetwood Railroad Line, Ferryhill Station in Durham, the Midcornwall Metro connecting Newquay, Trulo and Falmouth, and between Pewsey and Westbury in Wiltshire. Includes Devizes station.

UK Rail Minister Wendy Moten said:

“The last train ride from Haxby station was in 1930, when George V took the throne and the Times announced their first crossword puzzle. But now, thanks to this funding, communities across Britain are once again. We were able to reconnect to our railroad. “

related company UK Grants £ 15m to Nine Rail Repair Projects

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