UFOs are real, but that doesn’t mean we were visited by aliens

For the past two weeks we have NARUTO running Directly to the extraterrestrial epidemic.

Future uncategorized reports, Will be submitted to US Congress by June 25Raised a renewed interest in UFOs, alien visits, and government cover-ups. Written by a team of experts from the Department of Defense, the FBI, and the Office of Naval Intelligence, this report is expected to feature evidence of “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAPs.

So aliens are back in fashion. Their popularity has become a meme of viral Facebook events, Turned over the town of Rachel, Nevada..

Jumping to social media, you’ll find an endless stream of grainy video evidence and wild theory trying to explain exactly what these UAPs are. airplane? balloon? Drone? Some even doubt life from other planets.

Our appetite for aliens only increased throughout 2021. April 30th, New Yorker Run the piece About the Pentagon taking UFOs seriously. Interview with Major on May 16th. Alex Dietrich, a U.S. Navy fighter pilot aired on the U.S. news program 60 Minutes, discussed direct evidence of a strange encounter with an unidentified flying object.

The story goes on as we approach the release of uncategorized reports. Each new headline buries the mundane truth of hype about aircraft performing impossible physics feats that suggest only extraterrestrial tourism. We take a 1-inch long flying saucer and run intergalactic miles.

Maybe you heard it Former US President Barack Obama “There are footage and records in the sky that we don’t know exactly what they are,” he said, with the headline “Barack Obama said * very * interesting about UFOs.” ..Perhaps you saw the British publication The Telegraph report “The Pentagon believes UFOs may eventually exist,” he said on Friday, and the US government now claims that he “takes aliens seriously.”

Media coverage may be on the rise, but we’re getting closer truth?

“I think the media is much more interested than it deserves,” said Mick West, who uncovered a conspiracy theory on his website and analyzed leaked UFO footage.

“In reality, there is no quality evidence.”

Expectations and reality

I’m not here to tell you to stop believing in UFOs. Au contraire! Unidentified flying objects are genuine. That is a fact. No further discussion is needed.

The problem is that UFOs (“the sky we can’t explain”) have become synonymous with alien visits. Many dictionary definitions include references to extraterrestrial life forms under “UFO”. Perhaps it’s time to update those definitions.

Absolutely no doubt The Pentagon has investigated UFOs and UAPs in the past. It ran a secret program between 2007 and 2012 and then disbanded. The Office of Naval Intelligence continued to investigate the UAP, and last August it investigated the Department of Defense. Announcement It established the UAP Task Force.

It is wise, given that unidentified aerial phenomena can cause national security problems. For example, defense agencies around the world are concerned that UAPs could be reconnaissance aircraft in rival countries. It makes perfect sense to investigate the report.

“UAP represents a real problem in terms of airspace intrusions, drones, and the challenge of identifying things that are too far away,” West said.

But there is a gap between seeing something in the sky that you can’t explain and believing that it comes from another planet.

Still, more and more publications are seriously entertaining ET ideas without rigorously assessing the available evidence.To A non-April Fool’s joke earlier this yearThe Washington Post published a column suggesting that “perhaps at least these UAPs need to be considered for extraterrestrial origin.”

These types of claims make the scientific method look meaningless and provide the wrong balance.

Do you remember the monolith? It wasn’t an alien.

Tim Keller

As far as we know, there is no life in the solar system (Despite what some Mars fanatics might make you believe), And so far, there is no other evidence of life.

Here are some difficult questions: where did the spacecraft come from? How did they come here? Why didn’t you see them arrive? Why are they here? Is there evidence in other countries? What are these aliens trying to do? Is our complete understanding of the laws of physics broken?

Despite the ever-increasing stockpile of camera phones 3-digit-megapixel resolution and zoom, We still rely on grainy footage many years ago. Are you captured by Navy vessels anywhere offshore to provide the strongest evidence to aliens? Barony. Codswallop.

If aliens were visiting here now, in the 21st century someone would have come across an unexplained debris somewhere in the desert and vaporized by the potential gamma rays contained therein.Or will be Children’s birthday party in Pasofund With their unstable cam footage walking by the window.

And when it comes to parties, no I don’t like them..

Where are you?

I’m not here to tell you to stop believing in ET

Science is the accumulation of evidence through repeated observations. The idea must be testable. It is perfectly reasonable to ask for further investigation of UFOs or UAPs, but our current understanding of the universe should convince us that there are some very brief explanations for them. skeptics West A pile of rational discussions and analysis of UFO videoIncludes two videos reported by The New York Times and another video dropped by To The Stars Academy, an organization founded by Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge. He briefly describes them, suggesting that objects in the shape of Tic Tac could be the glare of infrared rays from balloons, distant planes, and engines.And a more recent report of the empty “Pyramid UFO” Shown to be likely to be an airplane,Also.

Getty Images-1187067839

I’m also very interested in Tom DeLonge, pop-punk royalty, and aliens.

Jeff Krabits / Getty

Of course, there are also slanderers. According to West, UFO enthusiasts are often very passionate and hate to question their experience. His investigation into other conspiracy theories, such as those surrounding chemtrails, is less enthusiastic. “I have far more hatred from parts of the UFO community than any other conspiracy theory,” he says.

“Even the flat earth theory is better.”

We have seen severe results False alarms and pseudoscience During a pandemic.Hype media coverage Give legitimacy to junk science It leads to real-world results.

Alien beliefs about UFOs may seem, on the surface, not as dangerous as a distrusted belief vaccine to cause autism, but as the theory gains momentum, they become more annoying. May change to. Look at the pizza gate..

Nevertheless, the Pentagon report is only a few weeks away. The “truth” is played on Twitter feeds, news apps, and local TV stations. Does it prove that we are not alone in space? I doubt it, but the headline may make you want to believe it. UFOs are real, but that doesn’t mean we were visited by aliens

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