Ubisoft Revives Driver as Live-Action TV Show

If you miss Driver game, You will soon be revisiting the classic open world franchise-but not playable. Report Ubisoft production A live-action driver TV show premiered exclusively in Binge, a free game-oriented streaming service scheduled to launch in 2022. The duo didn’t reveal the details of the plot or cast, but it’s no surprise that the series revolves around John Tanner, who turned from a racer to an undercover agent.

It is unknown when the show will arrive. It is not guaranteed to launch with Binge itself.

For many, the bigger question may be whether the show has a large audience.Like rumors Sprinter cell series, Ubisoft hasn’t touched the original game brand for some time. The last driver game was a free mobile title in 2014. driver: Speedboat Paradise, And the last really big release was 2011 Driver: San Francisco.. This is also not a timeless classic.Apart from the first one driver When San FranciscoMost games in the series receive half-baked reviews and worth the sales.

This series has the assumption that it is practically customized for TV, Brit-Inspired assumptions and real-world settings. And look like this. Even if it’s just a show tie-up, you wouldn’t be surprised if the show predicted the development of a new driver game.

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