Uber drivers strike over payment issues and algorithm transparency

A British driver employed by the ride-hailing service app Uber is conducting a 24-hour national strike today (June 22), failing to comply with various ongoing wage debates and Supreme Court rulings. , Lack of algorithm transparency.

Members of the App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU), which organized the strike, also held a protest outside Uber’s Aldgate Tower office in London, with about 400 drivers attending and asking the public not to cross the digital picket line. I am. Use the Uber app during the strike.

Drivers said the increase “is facing an unprecedented living cost crisis.” Fuel inflation (44%), Vehicle costs (28%) and Household inflation (7.8%) Meanwhile, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said, “This year, we’ll earn £ 45m with an equivalent hourly wage of £ 21,000.”

To resolve labor disputes, ADCU pays the driver a minimum wage and holiday payments for all working hours, not only when the driver is assigned to travel, but also from the time he logs in to the app. Uber is demanding that it comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling. ..

February 2021, The Supreme Court ruled that drivers should be classified as workers rather than self-employed.Approximately 70,000 drivers are entitled to pay the national minimum wage, receive legal minimum holiday wages and breaks, and be protected from illegal discrimination and whistleblowers.

nevertheless Uber announced in March 2021 The driver will receive a vacation allowance, automatically enroll in the workplace pension system and earn at least a national living wage (£ 8.72 per hour). This applies only to the time the driver is assigned to travel, As the Supreme Court has explicitly ruledFrom the time you log in to the app.

ADCU added that Uber needs to raise fares to £ 2.50 per mile and £ 0.20 per minute, and as of June 21, the fares offered in central London are £ 1.06 per mile. It was a historic low of £ 0.10 per minute.

Algorithm transparency

The union also wants the company to provide it completely Algorithm transparency Therefore, the driver can understand how the profile is done and how the performance is managed. By what criteria work was assigned or withheld..

Uber also added that the practice of unfair dismissal must be terminated. This requires local licensing authorities and drivers to explain why they were dismissed at Uber, and may not even be able to clarify why. “

ADCU previously said the impact of these unfair dismissals Transport regulators failed to properly scrutinize information from Uber..

Transport for London (TfL) is overly reliant on suspicious information from Uber’s facial recognition-based driver’s license system when making a license revocation decision, and if the vehicle cannot be legally operated, the driver It states that it can have a serious impact on your life.

Talking to Computer Weekly at the time, Eldwick Law’s Abbas Nawrozzadeh was written by Uber. Real-time ID check face recognition system..

Regarding the strike’s actions, ADCU London Chair Abdul Zack Hadi said Uber’s drivers have never been worse than they are now. Offsets inflation in operating costs.

“This is more than greed. Uber puts the workforce in a very dangerous situation, resulting in driver overwork, poor mental health, and great family distress. I spin Uber to the government. And urges the increasingly unmanageable company to intervene urgently to enforce the law. “

ADCU member I went on strike and demoed before On the same issue currently being protested, in September 2021 at eight Uber offices in the United Kingdom.

Computer Weekly contacted Uber about the strike and ADCU request, but didn’t get a response by the time it was published.

Uber’s collusion with the Metropolitan Police

Prior to the strike, an internal note from the building manager of Uber’s Aldo Gate Tower office was leaked to ADCU. This suggests that Uber is working with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to provide information about the union, according to the union. Similar to strikes and planned protests.

In response to ADCU’s planned protests, Uber’s internal security administrators are likely to need to “adopt some additional security measures during these times,” the memo said.

In addition, Uber’s security team was attended by two additional security personnel on the day, stating that MPS is aware of its activities. Watch carefully before and throughout the event and always be informed if you need to take further action that day. “

In response to this memo, the union “requested that the Mayor of London intervene and Met immediately stop collecting such information on legitimate trade union activities,” responding from both the mayor and the MPS. He added that he was waiting. ..

Computer Weekly solicited comments from both the Mayor of London and the MPS, but did not respond by the time of publication. Uber drivers strike over payment issues and algorithm transparency

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