Two-Point Campus Preview: Fresh and magical spins on a highly addictive sim

what’s happening

Two Point Studios will release Two Point Campus, the successor to the university-themed Two Point Hospital, on August 9th.

Important reason

This is the second game from the studio that has redeveloped the PC Classic Theme Hospital for a new generation (and its early fans). CNET got a preview that suggests it’s as addictive as Two Point Hospital.

The first computer game I bought for my own money as a preteen is still the most frequently played game as a grown-up woman in her thirties. Without exception, it’s the only game that has been drawing my attention for an infinite amount of time at a time, despite over 20 years of technological progress.

Its name is Two Point Hospital.

If you know the simulator, you’ll notice that Two Point Hospital was launched only in 2018. But if you know this, you also know that this game is the spiritual successor to the 1997 game Theme Hospital. Play late into the night on our family’s desktop PCs. The two share more than a mysterious similarity.

Two Point not only mimics the management and design mechanisms of the medical facility pioneered by the theme hospital by developer Bullfrog, but also shares its sense of humor. It’s a formula that has kept me hooked for over 20 years.

Only now, in 2022, there is a challenger who fits my loving approach, cut from the same cloth (and developed by the same studio). It’s been less than three months since the long-awaited release of TwoPoint Campus on Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S on August 9. .. (The price is $ 40 / £ 35, but it will appear on the Xbox Game Pass on the first day).

The purpose of the two-point campus is simple. As you build and manage your university campus and learn new courses and strategies to guide lazy students towards graduation, you need to climb to a different level of challenge. Of course, students don’t learn anything as boring as “math” or “law.” Instead, your professor will teach them how to become a wizard, knight, or spy.

When the game was first announced in 2021, the people at Two Point Studios by developing the game at the crossroads of two of my most ardent cultural passions, the Stupid Business Administration Sim and Campus Novel. I felt that I was showing my personal favor. / Adult ceremony story. Needless to say, I was the target market for this game and was excited when given the opportunity to preview this week.

As a veteran Two Point Hospital professional, it took me a while to understand the basic mechanics of the game, and I was able to focus on creating the perfect library and understanding how to hold a party at the Students’ Union. Still, the game allowed me to choose when to start the school year, so students never arrived on campus before building the shower room.

What immediately surprised me was how much effort was put into the various levels of themes in TwoPoint Campus. Two Point Hospital has several different levels of themes (different illnesses and heating / air conditioning requirements for different climates), but it can feel like a retrofit.

This new game takes each level’s theme more seriously and makes some of the levels I’ve played stand out from each other. For example, at Lanatra Square, where the main course offered is gastronomy, great efforts have been made to make the level look architecturally like the archaic historic European city centre.

Train the next generation of chefs at Lanatra Square.

Two point studio

But don’t assume that a serious theme means serious gameplay. The latest games from Two Point Studios are still ridiculous, so thank you for their goodness. It helps most of the people you manage and trying to stay happy in your college are a bunch of stupid college students who find it interesting to wear a knight’s helmet and get naked in public. ..

One of my favorite aspects of Two Point Hospital is moving rooms like Tetris so that patients can create a logical path as they navigate the hospital without wasting space. It is to lay out the floor plan. Now that we have to incorporate space for living, parties and study, the Two Point Campus has a fresh joy. Learning the best way to zone these in and between buildings is really looking forward to getting the hang of it.

There are many ways the two-point campus can introduce novelty to a trial-and-error formula, but the most immediately noticeable is the site, such as placing a snack kiosk (coffee! Hot dogs! Ramen!) Outside the building. It is a function to landscaping. Now when you expand your empire by buying a new parcel of land, you don’t even need to put a building on it. Instead, students can plant trees to relax under the lawn for a romantic coffee date or to place a love bench.

At Two Point Campus, you can landscaping your own premises.

Two point studio

In that respect, the introduction of romance and friendship on the two-point campus was something I couldn’t fully understand in a short play time. At Two Point Hospital, our moody patients tend to be less interacting and rather self-centered. (Okay. I have a light bulb in my head. However, if you want to see a doctor, you need to join the queue.)

But on a two-point campus, students can build friendships and romantic relationships that affect their well-being. Providing social venues such as lounges and student unions, and creating clubs to participate in, seem to be the power to foster these relationships. Having had enough Kudosh (a currency to earn to complete the challenge) second, I unlocked a special double bed decorated with hearts and put it in another dorm. I think it’s pretty clear what I’m going to use this room for, but as far as I know, it was simply treated as another dorm room by students assigned to sleep there randomly. ..

Work hard, play hard, sleep hard-it’s a student lifestyle.

Two point studio

As a chaotic and evil master of this little pixelated universe, it is not yet clear at this stage how much I can manipulate these relationships. But I would like to. If you can’t, this may be considered a limitation of the game, but this is the only time I’ve encountered it in a short amount of time playing TwoPoint Campus.

Another small issue, by the way, is what I’ve experienced in the past while playing the predecessor of TwoPoint Campus. That is, when I started playing, even if I saw the students dozing quietly in the dorm, time simply collapsed and the concept of bedtime did not occur, the time blind Zen was very fixed. Fall into a state.

It’s the best compliment you can give to your game when you say that you’re constantly wanting to play more for a few days after your preview code expires. ..

Probably that is the best. Now that I know what’s waiting, I’ll organize my work by August, when a new comprehensive role as a college administrator, campus designer, and (possibly) student matchmaker is beckoned. I have time. Two-Point Campus Preview: Fresh and magical spins on a highly addictive sim

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