Twitter’s extended NFL deal adds live Spaces chat with players

Twitter updated again Deal with the NFL, And this time, there’s more than a video show or moment to keep football fans happy.newly Announcement Multi-year extension includes commitment to produce more than 20 live concerts space 2021 season audio chat. You can hear players and “other NFL talents” discuss not only regular season games, but also major events such as drafts and the Super Bowl.

The new agreement also includes new highlights and more votes. You can also expect familiar experiences such as on-site coverage and moments.

This may be welcome news if you want to follow football on Twitter between matches, as well as during and after the match.

It may also be especially important for Twitter. This is the first social network of any kind to create sponsored Spaces. This feature has significantly improved both reliability and revenue.It will also help you compete with the Clubhouse announced by Twitter. That NFL deal During April. Don’t be surprised if Twitter rushes to start trading Spaces with other leagues, especially if Clubhouse becomes more threatening.

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