Twitter stops “beating bushes” and hires India’s chief compliance officer

Twitter and the Government of India have been in conflict for quite some time. Farmers protest Earlier this year, or Parliament toolkit.. But in the end, the government has always won. Again, with a lot of backlash, Twitter India has appointed an interim chief compliance officer, following the instructions in the new social media guidelines.

If review is needed, the Government of India announced new guidelines for social media companies and OTT platforms earlier this year. As part of that, companies such as Facebook and Twitter had to appoint a national chief compliance officer, node officer, and grievance officer. This was done, among other things, to ensure that these companies are responsible for the content published on their platforms.

The rules have gone as far as stating that platforms like WhatsApp need to provide information about the first originator of a message if the government requests it.

The industry as a whole opposed these laws, but the Twitter rebellion was far more intense than the other laws. Companies like Facebook and Google followed the new legislation shortly before the deadline, but didn’t hesitate too much. But Twitter not only was late for the party, but also said he was worried about the new laws and needed more time to comply with them.

That’s why the platform took so long to appoint a chief compliance officer. In contrast, Facebook hired someone for that role earlier this month. Twitter said the recruitment process was taking a long time due to the status of COVID 19 despite posting a recruitment of Chief Compliance Officer, Node Officer, and Grievance Officer on LinkedIn. I did.

Finally, a Chief Compliance Officer has been hired, so he is responsible for the content posted on Twitter. This is a job that can overwhelm the general public. Nonetheless, someone brave enough has stepped up, even though Twitter had previously been concerned about the law and it was considered undemocratic.

Twitter seems to have stopped.Hit around the bushAs the government demanded. Twitter stops “beating bushes” and hires India’s chief compliance officer

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