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Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter and many other companies, literally asked Twitter users: “Should I resign as the head of Twitter?” Following this, he declared, “I will follow the results of this vote.”

The results are out, with 17.5 million votes, people have spoken out, and between 57.5% and 42.5% of votes said he should quit.

Let me pause for a moment and quote former Twitter Trust and Safety Council member Lesley Podesta. It’s amazing how Twitter polls make decisions about the company he bought for $44 billionIt will be, except that there is nothing that Mr. Musk will not say or do.

Oh, and the Twitter Trust and Safety Council? the mask broke it up.

I have something to say about how Mr. Musk should quit while leading. But hey, he’s not ahead of the curve. For all his outrageous social media hype about how good Twitter is, there is absolutely no proof of that.

what we saw was right-wing rhetoric, hate speechWhen technical glitchwe have also seen Half of Twitter Advertisers Abandon ShipEven the World Cup didn’t help. Twitter’s U.S. ad revenue fell 80% below expectationsTwitter’s failure to turn a profit on the World Cup is like Fox’s failure to turn a profit on the 2023 Super Bowl.

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Oh, and new twitter blueSell ​​a nice bridge to Brooklyn if you think it will make up for the outflow of advertising dollars.?

Please do not make any mistakes. Musk’s acquisition of Twitter for his $44 billion has always been a financially stupid move. But now he’s ruining what little value the company left behind.

That’s incredible? Look at the record. He fired more than half of the company’s staff the moment he stepped into headquarters. But half the staff? There were people who ran the day-to-day operations of the company, developers, and people who sold advertising.Oh, in a company based on open source software, he Eliminate literally all open source programmersA software service company without developers is like trying to drive a Tesla without a battery. It may go downhill for a while, but eventually it will stop.

In the last few days alone, Musk has laid off even more staff. And it’s not just the staff.Just before the holidays, he Fired people from the infrastructure crew Literally keep the Twitter lights on and tweet tweets.

But wait. Despite seeking a hardcore job, abandoning his work from home, and cutting back on sick and other vacations, he found time to fly to Qatar for the World Cup. What a man!

Nonetheless, Musk has found time to tweet alt-right memes and jokes. He followed this up by firing his Twitter executive who suggested this might not be a good move. He also banned journalists more or less for how angry he was with a particular one of them at a particular moment.

Musk basically runs Twitter on a whim. This is not a company, nor a way to run a company, that relies on people feeling part of an online community. Chaos and community do not mix.

While all of this is happening on Twitter, Musk’s true crown jewel, Tesla, has lost more than 60% of its value this year. If Musk really wants to succeed, he should leave Twitter and go back to running the company he knows so well. What’s happening on Twitter is an objective lesson on how to defile a company beyond recognition.

So do what you said, Elon. Do yourself, Twitter, and everyone else a favor and do what you said you would do.

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