Twitter Rival Threads Records 23 Million Subscribers Overnight

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thread, the Mark Zuckerberg-backed Twitter rival, has officially launched and is off to a good start. According to Zuckerberg’s threaded post Wednesday night, the new service has amassed more than 10 million users in its first seven hours of usage.

But that number had ballooned to 23 million by Thursday morning when counting Instagram badges (Instagram users earn badges when they sign up for Threads). That’s well below Instagram’s 1.3 billion active users and Twitter’s 335 million active users, but it’s certainly a good starting point.

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Several platforms have tried to make Twitter a viable competitor, but none have yet succeeded. however, Dissatisfaction with Twitter seems to be growing and Decision made by owner Elon Muskseems like a golden opportunity for another service to finally become the “next Twitter.”

It certainly isn’t bad that Threads is essentially an Instagram spinoff. Instead of starting from scratch, it comes with a built-in user base of billions.

To mark the occasion, Zuckerberg posted a Spider-Man tweet pointing to a Spider-Man meme for the first time since 2012. This was meant to subtly aim at the similarities between the competitor and his two platforms, but Threads was a little more modest, saying, “It takes time, but I think we need a public conversations app. ” writes. Over 1 billion people use it. Twitter had the opportunity to do this, but failed to deliver on it. ”

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Of course, there are growing pains. At least for now, Threads doesn’t have an option to simply display a chronological feed of the users you follow. instead, The Algorithm Spit Out Posts From people you want to meet based on who you follow. Additionally, there is no way to edit posts, send hashtags or direct messages, or easily switch between multiple accounts, and it is not available in Europe.

Another hurdle at the moment is that there is no way to fully use the platform in web browsers. Users can browse through regular browsers, but posting is limited to her Android and iOS apps.

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Despite the initial problems, users seem to be at least interested in Threads. Of course, just signing up to claim an account name is a far cry from actually using the service. The immediate question is whether people will continue to actively use the service. If Zuckerberg takes a stance of listening to users and responding to what they want, Threads could do well.

https://www.zdnet.com/article/twitter-rival-threads-sees-23-million-signups-overnight/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 Twitter Rival Threads Records 23 Million Subscribers Overnight

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