Twitter enables one-step sign-in with Google and Apple ID

Previously, Twitter required new users to fill out an account form and did not support third-party sign-on options. But that is changing.

Social networks can now sign in or sign up through Google and Apple IDs. You can use your Google ID in the app or on the web. However, at this time Apple ID only works on iOS devices. Web support is added.

The company has this feature Beta version of the app for a while.. But it is now officially out. If you are signing up for the first time, you will be prompted to specify your date of birth and select a username for your account.

You can also link your existing account to your Google or Apple ID if your email address is the same.according to Twitter support pageYou can only disconnect your Google or Apple account from the web. However, Apple sign-in is not yet available on the web. So if you want to unlink your Apple and Twitter accounts, you’re stuck.

Earlier this year, Twitter said: User growth slows in 2021 Compared to last year. Therefore, making third-party sign-up options available can be a small step towards increasing these numbers.

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