Twitter Drops EU Disinformation Pact

according to GuardianTwitter has since made this decision. EU officials visit company headquarters Last week, I conducted mock exercises with staff to assess the platform’s ability to operate in compliance with European law.

This exercise was the first of its kind to include a comprehensive assessment of various aspects.

These areas included recommended content, measures to combat illegal online content, including online child sexual exploitation, and Twitter’s approach to dealing with disinformation.

EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton praised Twitter for participating in the test.

“Twitter takes this exercise seriously and has identified key areas we need to focus on in order to be DSA compliant,” he said after the exercise.

“I have two months left, New EU regulation In order for the system to be deployed and functioning effectively and quickly, work must continue. ”

He emphasized the EU’s commitment to swiftly and decisively enforcing the Digital Services Act (DSA), which is due to enter into force in August.

“When it comes to online crime, there can be no half-measures. Very large online platforms will need to have the necessary internal controls and resources in place to prepare for the new European regulations,” Bretton said. bottom.

Twitter rejects code of conduct but agrees to DSA

Media reports have previously suggested there was uncertainty within the EU about Twitter’s level of willingness to comply with the new law.

The DSA introduces obligations on major digital platforms to minimize harm and protect consumer rights. Twitter is classified under the DSA as one of the “super-massive online platforms” subject to stricter regulation.

Last year, the EU introduced a voluntary code of conduct on disinformation as a preparatory step to help social media platforms adapt to upcoming legislation.

The Code aims to combat that threat by limiting the spread of disinformation and misinformation, increasing transparency and improving access to data.

Forty-four companies, including Google and Facebook, are working on the code, and it extends beyond the major platforms to smaller platforms, advertisers, fact-checkers, and non-governmental organizations.

When Twitter was initially involved in the code, Mr. Musk company withdrew from participation last month.

In response, the EU issued a warning to Twitter, warning that failure to comply with the DSA could have serious consequences.

That could result in a total ban on doing business in Europe and fines of up to 6% of Twitter’s global revenue.

Bretton said digital platforms’ attempts to avoid liability do not exempt them from legal liability.

“You can run away, but you can’t hide.

“Beyond voluntary efforts, the fight against disinformation [a] Legal obligations under #DSA will end on August 25th. Our team is ready for execution. ”

Before Musk bought Twitter last year, the company had a team dedicated to combating coordinated misinformation campaigns.

Most of these experts retired or firedwhich reduces the platform’s ability to counter these attacks.

https://www.computing.co.uk/news/4118745/twitter-eu-disinformation-agreements Twitter Drops EU Disinformation Pact

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