Twitch will increase the number of custom emotes that affiliate streamers can offer

Emotes are a great way to add personality and uniqueness to the Twitch community. You can also have casual viewers pay for your subscription. However, the new Twitch affiliate had only one custom emote slot. Livestreaming websites now increase the initial number of emotes slots to 5 based on affiliate feedback. This means that streamers can offer five custom emotes from the beginning, with only the minimum requirements needed to be part of an affiliate program. All in all, affiliates can earn 9 slots for custom emotes by reaching certain subscription milestones.

Twitch is also taking over the changes to the partner program and increasing the slots available. Affiliates must reach a certain number of streaming times, views, and subscribers to be able to apply for partner status. Still, they may not participate. Therefore, giving potential subscribers more incentives in the form of emotes helps beginners reach their goals faster and make more money.

The website has also given affiliates the ability to provide animated emotes to their community. Slots start at one and can be unlocked up to five as the number of viewers grows. If you can’t afford to pay the artist to create an animated emote, you can quickly convert a static emote to an animated version for free with the simple animation feature of the website. These updates have begun rolling out to Twitch Streamers and will reach everyone in the coming weeks.

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