Tumblr’s parent buys the popular podcast app PocketCasts

You will soon have a new home. Automattic, Tumblr’s parent company purchases podcast apps from a collection of public radio groups, including: And .. Automattic hasn’t said how much to pay for PocketCasts.

Co-founders Russell Ivanovich and Philip Simpson will continue to be on the Pocketcast team. Automattic seems to be already thinking about how to incorporate multi-platform apps into blogging tools.

“As part of Automattic, Pocket Casts will continue to provide the functionality you need to enjoy (or find something new) with your favorite podcasts.” .. “We will consider building a tight integration between and PocketCasts to facilitate the delivery and listening of podcasts.”

Both blogs and podcasts Use RSS feeds It makes sense to integrate the two platforms for distribution.Earlier this year, Spotify-owned anchors partnered with Through text-to-speech technology. It would be interesting, if any, to see how Pocket Casts add elements to the partnership.

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