TT Electronics Appoints Company’s First Sustainability Director

TT ElectronicsA global provider of engineering electronics for performance-critical applications, today announced the appointment of its first Group Sustainability Director. Emma Darke, TT’s Director of Investor Relations since 2016, has left the IR business to take on this new and important role for TT Electronics.

“This new appointment highlights the importance of sustainability as TT’s key strategic priority,” said Sarah Hamilton-Hanna, Chief Human Resources Officer at TT Electronics. “Emma has a deep understanding of our business and our environmental, social and governance initiatives, making us an ideal person to accelerate TT’s commitment to achieving our sustainability goals. “

As Group Sustainability Director, Emma is tasked with working with TT’s business leaders and the Sustainability Council to develop a company’s sustainability roadmap for zero emissions by 2035.

“TT Electronics has made great strides in terms of sustainability. Today, TT is working even deeper on this effort, reducing CO2 emissions by 20% and converting corporate waste from landfills to 88%. The focus is on improving recent environmental outcomes, including zero waste of three wastes. The 2020 site, added Emma Darke, TT’s new group sustainability director. “These achievements were certainly impressive and required collaborative efforts, but there is still much to be done. TT is focused on having a positive impact on society, and even greater outcomes. We are on the road to achieving it. “

TT solves technology challenges and helps customers reduce their environmental impact by providing cleaner, smarter, and healthier solutions. At the same time, TT also aims to optimize its operations to reduce its environmental impact. The company strives to do this in the following ways:

  • Building a Cleaner Future – Reduce human impact on the planet by creating innovative products that reduce TT’s own carbon dioxide emissions and minimize resource needs.
  • Build a smarter future – work together in a comprehensive environment to create more efficient products. TT leverages the power of collaboration among diverse employees to develop electronics expertise and drive innovation.
  • Build a Healthier Future – Engage colleagues and communities around meaningful work. Improve quality of life by creating products for medical technologies that enable people to thrive in safe spaces and improve their health.

Click for more information on the TT Sustainability Initiative. here.. TT Electronics Appoints Company’s First Sustainability Director

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