Truecaller 12 debuts for Android users with video caller ID, redesigned interface

Truecaller released version 12 of the Caller ID app on Thursday with a list of new features. One of the biggest additions is the introduction of Video Caller ID, which allows you to set a short video that automatically plays when a user calls a friend or family member. Truecaller 12 also comes with a redesigned interface that provides separate tabs for calls and SMS messages. Truecaller has also integrated a call recording feature for recording incoming and outgoing calls. The updated Truecaller also provides GhostCall and Call Announce features for paid users.

You can use the video caller ID to set a short video that automatically plays when you call a contact in your phonebook. You can record a video with your caller ID or choose from four preloaded templates. Also, the video caller ID will be displayed from the contacts in the phonebook and the confirmed business calls.

You can manage your video caller ID and whether you receive video caller IDs from your company or contacts by accessing the following URL: Configuration >> >> Caller ID From the latest Truecaller app. In particular, the video you set as the caller ID is stored in the Truecaller cloud.

Truecaller has added four preloaded templates that can be set as video caller IDs
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The updated Truecaller app also brings a streamlined interface with separate tabs for calls and SMS messages. This is different from existing interfaces that have a home shortcut to access the call and Truecaller for SMS.

In a press release, the Sweden-based company now has one-tap access to SMS, Truecaller group chat, and direct chat using separate tabs.

Truecaller also said that Truecaller for SMS has more than 15 users.

The new Truecaller update also includes call recordings, first introduced for premium users and recently released for beta testing. It is now available to all Truecaller users (including paid and free users) who are making calls on Android 5.1 and above.

Calls recorded using Truecaller are stored locally in device storage and can be shared with others using email or any messaging service. The call recording feature is available as an option and must be turned on manually from the latest Truecaller app. In addition, users can record voice calls from the app’s full screen or pop-up caller ID interface.

Truecaller also said in its release that callers will not be asked to be notified if a call is being recorded using the app.

Truecaller has individually enhanced the user experience for paid subscribers by offering GhostCall and Call Announce features in addition to new features for all users. Ghost Call allows users to pretend to be called by a contact.

You can use the ghost call feature to set any name, number, or photo to make it look like you’re receiving a call from that person. From the phonebook, you can also select the contacts you want to display as the caller of the call. In addition, you can schedule the ghost call to appear on the phone later.

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Truecaller has added a ghost call feature for paid users
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According to Truecaller, the Ghost Call feature aims to help people get out of trouble and do harmless pranks on their friends.

The second feature for paid Truecaller users is the call announcement feature, which allows the app to speak out the caller ID of an incoming call. This works for both stored contacts and numbers identified by Truecaller’s Caller ID database. This feature is available for both regular ID voice calls and Truecaller ID voice calls. Users can also enable call announcements while wearing headphones.

In particular, both GhostCall and CallAnnounce are only available to Premium and Gold users. Truecaller Premium is available in Rs. 529 rupees a year. 179 for 3 months, Gold membership is rupees. 2,500 a year.

According to Truecaller, the new features will be gradually rolled out to all Android users in India in the coming weeks and will soon be rolled out in several other countries. Some features are already accessible in beta. However, nothing is said about when you can see them in the iOS version of Truecaller.

Earlier this week, Truecaller revealed that it has 300 million monthly active users worldwide, with 73% of its users only in India. Truecaller 12 debuts for Android users with video caller ID, redesigned interface

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