Trifan 600 long-range high-speed hybrid VTOL promises takeoff in 2024

XTI aircraft are moving towards the production of “the fastest and longest VTOL in the world” and are expected to be certified and start full-scale production by the end of 2024. The Trifan600 flies up to eight passengers from heliport to heliport. It has a range of up to 750 miles (1,200 km) and a speed of up to 345 mph (555 km / h).

These dream figures will certainly dominate the electric VTOL space. Range alone is seven times the range promised by most urban eVTOL, but XTI is not pure eVTOL. Instead of a simple battery and electric powertrain, it runs a hybrid system and uses a high-power battery to manage takeoff and landing, but runs a GE-catalyzed turboprop engine as a range-extending generator and its huge range. Provides the number of.

Therefore, this could be the fastest and longest distance VTOL performed on all-electric propulsion, but when the field is opened to include fossil fuels, Soviet had a VTOL “yak” fighter It worked 50 years ago and flew long distances at transonic speeds.

In any case, XTI has just entered a joint venture with a new aerospace holding company, Xeriant, with the goal of certifying this and launching production and service.

The XTI is fully certified by the Trifan 600 and will be in production by 2024.

XTI aircraft

At the launch event at the Wingsover the Rockies Aerospace Museum in Denver, Colorado, XTI Aircraft CEO Bob Label said: “We are confident that we will be the first commercial long-range fixed-wing vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. The market has been waiting for this for a long time.”

The Trifan 600 is very similar to the traditional fixed-wing design, but with a pair of huge tilted ducted fans on the front edge of the wing and a third ducted fan on the rear aircraft body, it allows vertical takeoff. Is possible. A cabin covered during level flight to reduce drag. The flight is fairly easy and is carried out by an electronically controlled fly-by-wire system that manages electric motors, thrust vectoring and control surface in response to pilot commands.

If a runway is available, it makes sense to use it. When taken off and landed in the traditional way, the range is almost doubled to 1,380 miles (2,200 km). But even without a runway, it’s a killer machine in the business jet market, and you could fly from LA to San Francisco, or from London to Berlin, from rooftop to rooftop, without sweating.

Very comfortable cabin with standard trim
Very comfortable cabin with standard trim

XTI aircraft

Starting at US $ 6.5 million per unit (1 pilot and 5 passengers), it is highly competitively priced for the business market. Gulfstream G500 Series is currently the largest seller US $ 44 million in pop. Yes, the G500 is much faster and more advanced, but it can’t keep the candles in the intercity convenience that Trifan offers.

At this point, XTI can claim sales of US $ 1.3 billion and backlog of 202 aircraft. Of these, 40 are non-refundable purchase orders, 122 are refundable deposits, and 40 are purchase options.

But of course, you need to certify this before you can start delivering them. “One of the big things I want to emphasize is that it doesn’t require a whole new set of regulations to fly. We’ll certify under the currently available FAA regulations, and we’ll also charge. No infrastructure or new runways required. Fully operational within the current National Airspace System in this or other countries. “

A handsome, high-tech look VTOL business aircraft that offers extended range and high speed compared to eVTOL
A handsome, high-tech look VTOL business aircraft that offers extended range and high speed compared to eVTOL

XTI aircraft

We don’t know how XTI can accurately certify Trifan under existing regulations, but the current plan is to build and fly a full-scale test aircraft in 2022 with FAA type certification in 2024. Scheduled for, production will begin once squared. .. The XTI team has a number of experienced aviation industry executives. For example, Label is the former Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of AgustaWestland America, and COO Charlie Johnson is the former President and Chief Operating Officer of Cessna. Between them and the other members of the team, they have overseen about 35 types of certification, so this aircraft will definitely be a big challenge, but they know one or two things about the process. ..

Keith Duffy, CEO of Xeriant, said: “The TriFan 600 transforms the light commercial aircraft market and offers eco-friendly, on-demand air travel without compromising safety and performance.” In my view, no other VTOL aircraft is approaching. Hmm. We are honored to partner with XTI’s world-class management team, which has developed and certified more than 30 new aircraft throughout our career. “

The Xeriant / XTI joint venture, called Eco-Aero, hints at a future in which Trifan will move from hybrid propulsion to full battery power or hydrogen fuel cell use. Ownership will be split between the two companies in 50/50 and Xeriant will invest approximately US $ 10 million next year to accelerate development.

Watch the short video below.

XTI and Xeriant-Promoting Aerospace Innovation

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