Travis Perkins Acquires New Site for Flagship Store

Travis Perkins Announced that it has acquired the former Motors Commercials site in the St. Phillips area of ​​Bristol in a multi-million pound deal to set up a new flagship store.

Sites mediated by NG Chartered SurveyorTransformed into a new 20,000-square-foot base.

Advised by Alder King, the company purchased 2.7 acres of free land on Days Road.

Moss Travis Perkins said: “The acquisition of this site is an important opportunity to further strengthen our branch office network throughout Bristol, and it occupies the spotlight of our well-established trade counter area. By early 2022, this new site I want to open a branch office. “

Sunny LandaThe director of NG Chartered Surveyors said:

“Motus has now moved to a new site that meets Avon Mass’s requirements, so this was a win-win deal from start to finish. Motus and Travis Perkins are at their best on the new site. I hope. “ Travis Perkins Acquires New Site for Flagship Store

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