Transition from temporary core care to continuous care

Conversation with Damon Auer, Dedalus CEO and General Manager of North America

Damon AuerChief Executive Officer and General Manager of North America, Dedals
twitter: @DedalusNorth

In this episode of Tate Chronicles, Jim speaks with Damon Auer, CEO and General Manager of Dedals’ North America. Their vision is “a digitally-enabled healthcare ecosystem where all stakeholders actively work together throughout the series of care to improve the health outcomes of each citizen.” Jim and Damon discuss TEFCA with a global approach to health care interoperability and commitments to health care best practices.

Important point:

  • Interoperability promise with TEFCA.
  • Transition from “episode-centric care” to “continuous care”.
  • What is “hyper openness”?
  • Data collection and practical data.
  • Healthcare best practices – a global approach.

About the show

From border to border and from coast to coast and all ships of the sea.Tune to hear correspondent Jim Tate Tate Chronicle.. Join him as he survives the fog and static electricity that is at the forefront of healthcare technology. Come with him as he explores new technologies that have the potential to cause beneficial disruption to health care. Broadcasts are displayed every weekday at 3:30 am, 11:30 am, and 7:30 pm. Transition from temporary core care to continuous care

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