Transaction with Hensoldt expands Leonardo’s stake in the Eurofighter radar business

Rome-Leonardo earned € 260 million ($ 296 million) from Hensoldt, Germany, for a Eurofighter radar job. In short, the Italian company is currently playing a major role in all three new e-scan radars built for typhoon customers.

The deal to work on radar upgrades for Spanish and German aircraft follows the January 3 deal of a € 606 million transaction that transferred a 25.1% stake in Hensoldt to Leonardo. , The company said it would help achieve leadership. In the European defense electronics market.

The new contract from Hensoldt covers the work of the Mk1E-scan radar, a common European radar system ordered by Germany and Spain to modify about 130 units. Eurofighter In the mid 2020s.

“Leonardo will be working on the development of a new wideband feature, providing a new radar antenna, APSC (Antenna Power Supply & Control) and core parts of its processor,” the company said in a statement.

Hensoldt is a radar design agency, providing transmit / receive modules manufactured in Germany, and Airbus integrates the system.

Leonardo is trying to make better use of the German transmit / receive module to develop ways to enhance the detection range and accuracy of the ECR SMk1.

This agreement reflects Leonardo’s record of e-scanning operations in Europe. This is the so-called Mk0 radar design agency ordered for the 28 Kuwait and 24 Qatar typhoons, built by the Leonardo UK-led Eurolader Consortium in teams with Leonardo Italy. , Indra and Hensoldt in Spain.

The German and Spanish Mk1s are based in part on the development work performed by Euroradar on the Mk0s.

Leonardo is also the design agency for the Mk2 version being developed for RAFTyphoons. It goes one step further than the German and Spanish versions by providing wideband electronic attack and electronic warfare capabilities.

It also renews the ability to passively register emissions from targets and threats that provide data that can be fused with data received by typhoon defense support subsystems (DASS) and pirate infrared sensors.

The UK version, which Italy signed up for acquisition, will also be able to send data and the module will be soldered without being screwed onto the surface of the antenna, which mobile engineers believe will improve performance.

Leonardo said the new Mk 1 with Hensoldt “strengthens Germany’s ground combat air patrol capabilities.”

https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2022/01/14/deal-with-hensoldt-expands-leonardos-stake-in-eurofighter-radar-business/ Transaction with Hensoldt expands Leonardo’s stake in the Eurofighter radar business

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