Top 4 Common Charging Habits That Need To Stop Immediately

There are many common charging habits and you may be practicing them while reading this blog post. However, these habits are not always positive, and in fact many of them are negative. Mobile phones have long been a daily need in public life. In addition to young users, groups of seniors and minors are also huge user groups that cannot be ignored. However, advances in science and technology have not disseminated comparable knowledge. Therefore, most users have more or less specific security issues regarding their use of mobile phones. This is why we practice some common charging habits.

A few days ago, when a child was playing with his smartphone charged at home, there was a report that a spark suddenly came out from the outlet, the surrounding debris ignited, and the house ignited. The event is currently in vogue on the popular Chinese platform Weibo.

Such an incident is not a coincidence. To avoid such accidents, we will provide relevant information to inspire users. Due to the lack of sensitization, users often ignore certain security issues arising from mobile phone software and hardware when using mobile phones. Small bad habits may seem trivial, but the harm they do can cause loss that is difficult to measure in the long run.

Therefore, today, we would like to inform you of the precautions for charging your mobile phone. Whether it’s for your own safety or for the useful life of your cell phone, we think it should be a source of concern.

General charging habits

Today we will look at four common charging habits and bad habits we practice (sometimes). When it comes to charging, “playing while charging,” “using the charger freely,” “answering the phone while charging,” and “charging for a long time” are common bad habits.

1. Long-term charging

Most mobile phone manufacturers today use so-called “quick charging” or “flash charging” to improve the charging rate of their mobile phones. Currently, the charging power of our main smartphones exceeds 100W.

The ratio of current to voltage under high power increases naturally. This causes a rapid temperature rise, which is also an important reason why mobile phones are prone to catch fire. This is one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t charge your smartphone for a long time.

Although many manufacturers have opted for a gradual reduction of charge protection strategies, high current fast charging in the early stages of charging is clearly unavoidable. At this stage, it is very difficult to control the temperature rise of the device.

To avoid the possibility of fire, try using the official charger on the one hand when charging your cell phone. Even if you use other chargers, you still need to choose a charger that complies with the charging protocol. This helps avoid long-term high temperatures in mobile phones due to incorrect use of the charger.

In contrast, the potential for harm from long-term charging is relatively small. This is because many manufacturers intelligently turn off the phone when it is fully charged. This is to protect your mobile phone. The official charger itself is required for this feature to work. Therefore, choosing the right charger is also very important.

2. Play while charging

It is very common to operate a mobile phone while charging. However, this is not a good idea and you should stop your general charging habits immediately. Various hardware of mobile phones work when “playing while charging”, especially when playing games. This causes the temperature of the mobile phone to rise sharply. Under long-term high temperature conditions, it’s easy to lose or burn out your hardware. Mobile phone fires are often dangerous. It’s very unlikely that this will happen, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

General charging habits

In addition, smartphones emit radiation that you may not want to touch. These radiations can be even stronger during charging. This is another reason why you need to leave your smartphone in place while charging.

3. Use the charger freely (use the available charger)

“Free use of the charger” is also a common bad habit. Different brands of mobile phones, and even different series of mobile phones of the same brand, may use different charging protocols. Indiscriminate use of improper chargers not only fails to charge the battery, but also causes the phone temperature to rise sharply.

Therefore, it not only damages the smartphone battery, but also puts you at risk. It’s time to start understanding the smartphone charging protocol in order to use the right charger.

4. Answer the phone while charging

This is one of the most common charging habits. In fact, some people even go to the point of making a call in the car while the phone is charging. This is very dangerous and should not be practiced at all. “Answering a phone while charging” can also cause the device to heat up exponentially. Since mobile phones are communicating, the temperature of mobile phones rises sharply in a short time. This can pose a potential danger.

General charging habits


When charging your smartphone, do not place it in an environment where the temperature will rise. For example, charging a smartphone and placing it on top of an active electronic device can be a very bad idea. When charging, you need to keep your mobile phone in a non-high temperature environment.

Users should avoid playing while charging or charging while answering a call. Before charging the mobile phone, the mobile phone must also be cooled to room temperature. In addition, users are not free to change their mobile phones or replace their original batteries.

Of course, there are still many bad habits in using mobile phones. However, not all of them can be explained in one article. We need to discover them in our daily lives and fix them in stages. Top 4 Common Charging Habits That Need To Stop Immediately

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